California Highway Patrol Takes Missing Homeless Woman’s Car

I know where she is and I’ll say later…

Before I begin, I saw a red ufo one night and I’m always seeing ufos in Malibu:

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They talked about a large alien base being located off of Dana Point in Malibu:

Here is a Los Angeles Sheriff being nice (this reminds me of the old days of copwatching when I would copwatching and the Malibu sheriffs were exceptionally nice – brings back memories):

Now, here a CHP officer (I wonder if it’s the one that be running that food truck – lol – up the street and once said, “NOOOO ONE supposed to be there” – nigga reminded me of when my old neighbor Thalia Buitron said, “My mama said don’t talk about rumours” when I mentioned a yelp review about an apartment building on my old block that had alot of crazy schitt going such as being overran by skinny jean crew niggaz like here: as if I brought up a painful memory with her) has a woman’s towed which had been practically parked there FOR YEARRRS (Schitt). I wonder if that was the girlfriend to the now (also missing) homeless bum who acted like some entire area – which his bum ass did not own – was his:

Nigga remind me of this:

Here the CHP towing video:

I noticed my word count (which conveys ALOT of spiritual messages – came up 666 meaning material/Earth/ 3D realm in numerology:

and Here:

That said, here where I think she is: First I wanna say that I used to see her walking up and down that area talking to herself with groceries. I sense that she wandered into an area and just let whatever was controlling her (she had a black and purple aura) lead her. I sense she had alot of shit on her just as that dude did.

That said, THAT’S what happens when you open your chakras (I sense in her case she opened them in a past life) and you don’t know what you’re doing. This man breaks it down perfectly (look at how many people TEARING this man down for telling the truth in the comment section. Reminds me of me: ):

That said, I sense that her ass is out here, in the woods, mumbling to herself, living deep in the woods, with a great deal loss of, I mean, just outta whack with reality – far gone, far removed. Just like the Baphomet:

There must be duality, a balance! Darkness in “Legend” (1985) spoke on this:

It’s okay to be on a spiritual journey but make sure to still have some root chakra enrootment to the Earth, this reality. There are nuances to it and you must do your Calling even if it goes against the grain BUT WHEN YOU START TO FEEL LIKE A SLAVE TO SOMETHING, THEN THOSE ARE BAD SPIRITS AROUND YOU! See, when something bad would to happen to me – I was ready for it, prepared for it, emotionally, etc. When this mofo with a black aura attacked me:

I FELT SOOO MUCH FUCKING ENERGY! At times I was told my aura would be blue. I felt alive! I can’t explain it. That said, when my intuitive would communicate with me to do something which is how my spirit guides communicate – THEY WOULD ALWAYS BE RIGHT! That’s how you know the difference between negative vs positive guides around you.

Most white folks (she was white) have a piss pot poor understanding of spirituality, often negating the duality aspect of it (by calling anger, rage, human emotions “sins”). You can’t do that. You must embrace all aspects of you. Also, some folks as part of their divine life contract are here to murder, rape or steal. It’s not all fun and roses. This is real spirituality. You need to know of the bad to be prepared for it.

I sense this woman didn’t know what she was signing up for when she inadvertently opened her chakras (I believe past life memories return in your 30s) in her past life. This could happen to you as well if you don’t know what you are doing…

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