Topless Audit of Gas Stations And Many Other Things

Imma start doing that same shit that them copwatchers be doing which will be audits of places, checking to see if they follow the Unruh Act per topless rights (the Unruh Act is a POWERFUL piece of legislation which pushes for equal treatment meaning if they let a man in topless, they will havd to allow womben as well). I will call these “topless audits”, lol!

Shit’s gotta start somewhere… I may have to sue but not for monetary but more for social justice just as I did with the LAPD!

I remember when I first started going topless I went into Walmart WITH BIG ASS NUDE PASTIES (Man I came a looong way) and got kicked out then A TOPLESS MAN STROLLED IN, WHICH CONFIRMS DISPARATE, DISCRIMINATORY TREATMENT!

That said, it’s gotta start somewhere with someone to make it socially acceptable. I mean it was illegal for men to show they nipples up until 1936, hence why you see dudes wearing them fucking “wifebeaters” for bathing suits…

That said, they say that conforming to a sick society is sick and how SICK you gotta be to sexualize – and say that is is obscene for a child – to SEE the very thing that they FEED on when they first come into the world:

YA’LL ARE SEXUALIZING YA’LL FUCKING MAMAS! Ya’ll are SICK and I ain’t cosigning that sick ass shit nor your subliminally programmed paradigm towards it. Bitch, I’m here to change your mind and do it by force if necessary.

That said, here me going into two gas stations.

The 1st one:

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The look on this dude’s face is priceless:

The 2nd one:

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And here me talking on my philosophy on life:

That said, here are some other things I did in a day…

I saw an old black lady with a pretty turquoise cane walk across the street…

While at the 99 Cents Store I picked up some items someone knocked over (Like litter I hate when people do that shit anc I always pick up that shit after I cause something to fall over):

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Always, WHY did the mail truck show up on a SUNDAY (I didn’t see him/her go to the fruit stand which is there ONLY on the weekends – and just park and make a turnaround like other mofos be doing to me):

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Here proof:

On my way there someone was playing some loud ass music:

While there I saw a dude who looked like Randy Jackson from American Idol:

– You gotta LOT of posers. Once I saw a homeless dude who was talking with this white lady about taking acting classes:

(I’ll try to find it later)…

“No shoes no service”:

Here I am, mixing bone marrow with urine (which is used in beauty products) and water-salt water to create a beauty concoction:

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I kinda do something similar with period blood and THIS is what came out:

– It’s a combo of period blood, sage leaves, urine which again is used in beauty products and water, crystal geyser water.

Eating raw meat with teriyaki sauce again:

Since ole dude wouldn’t sell me sage here (I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON for him to pass up a sale – cholos mighta been wanting “they” money):

But I found raw, free sage in Malibu. Here I am attempting to smoke NON DRIED sage:

And here I am, basking in the beauty of Malibu. I’m out!

Oh yeah, I noticed this stalker white van here with electronic equipment and everything. I spoke of them here:

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