Harassed By Black Chevy Suburbans All Night And Undercover Vehicles And A Pervert


What are the chances of that happening? GANGSTALKING BY ALIENS IS REAL!

Now, in this article here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/26/alien-la-cops-threaten-me-in-malibu/ I broke down how many government black chevy suburbans are driven by aliens who look like this:

I also wrote an article about black chevy suburuban harassment:


That said, these mofos were too obvious last night!

I saw one park his/her/IT (I sense it was a black man) car/suv ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME WHILE I WAS PARKED ON THE PCH! I decided to leave my car to check it out. That said, I saw NO ONE in the front seat. I can only surmise they were playing with themselves…

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That said, I SAW ANOTHER (or was it the same?) black chevy suburban park ACROSS FROM ME, THEN A BUNCH OF OTHER BLACK CARS…

Now, here another stalker. I talked about him a while back here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/12/20/exposing-a-sexual-predator-out-here-in-malibu/ I saw him drive opposite where I was parked on the pch. THEN I saw him make a u turn THEN PARK IN FRONT OF ME! OF ALL THE PLACES HE COULD PARK, WHY IN FRONT OF ME? (I know why.).

Here are some pics of Chevy Suburbans near government places so you can see how they look and know I ain’t TOTALLY GONE!

As an honourable mention, I saw a gray undercover truck…


I helped out a Chevy Suburban with a jump…

That said, he eventually ran off but still… I’m left wondering… THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT SPIRITUAL GANGSTALKING AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE! I remember the night I encountered that bald headed, slow bastard, I SAW TWO GREEN COMETS FALL OUT THE SKY! I am unsure what that spiritually means – gotta check it out – but it indicates SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT!

To top it all off, THE BALD HEADED BASTARD SHOWED UP JUST WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO ASTRAL PROJECT (Trying to slow my spiritual development).

That said, I also realise it could be psychic attacks, too. See, I’m gaining clairaudience – the ability to hear spirits! That said, I’VE HEARD SOME NEGATIVE SHIT TRYING TO TEAR ME DOWN and I bet it influences others to do the same. Imma have to fuck up these spirits! That said, that’s why spiritual insight is important. I see gangstalking videos where people accuse red cars of chasing them and they don’t know why. Well, I do! Alot of it is spiritual and those with innerstanding and overstanding can begin to understand WHY they are facing so many pernicious psychic and astral attacks. See, it ain’t cause of who you are now but what you could become. Many gangstalked individuals have abilities these mugs in government (I just saw another chevy suburban) WOULD LOVE TO SUPPRESS! That don’t want the masses waking up so they will shut you down before you can take flight – like a beautiful butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon!

I also wanna say… speaking of said analogy, I just birthed a NEW site, raventheshaman.org – where I may write the bulk of my spiritual stuff from now on and where I offer spiritual services. Go check it out!!!

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