Firefighters About To Fight Each Other And A Nugga About to Capsize In Boat

…IN THE OCEAN! Shit was funny. I SWORE I saw him waving his hand in distress. That said, I witnessed WHAT I SENSED were two firefighters about to go at it…

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With one with his nice masculine body about to wrestle (OOOOOOWEEEEEEE!!!!) another, making nugga’s dreams cum alive!

Seriously though look at his stance – the dude in white look like he ’bout to fight, lol!

That said, I witnessed a dude in a boat I FELT was about to capsize. I called the copd cause he was in that tiny ass lil boat it was close to nightfall and with the waves acting I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA CAPSIZD HIS TINY ASS LIL BOAT! But I see he was just gonna get some fish, which is made healthy…

So that completes my day!

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