Youtube Agent Reveals That Youtube PAYS People To Promote Certain Channels

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I kept wondering why I see this boring, obviously manufactured mofos like Koi Fresco (that nigga lectured at the University of Southern California letting you KNOW HE AN AGENT), Ryan Cropper, this Xavier Gordon person, the greatest flim flam man ever – Infinite BULLSHIT aka Infinite Waters, and other shim sham frauds everytime I google about astral projection (my motto is ANYONE HEAVILY PROMOTED BY YOUTUBE, esp. those with frilly lil organic-less graphic DUMB-NAILS on that fake peace and love NEW CAGE unrealistic view of spirituality – Run!):

– They even got Young Pharoh ole fake ass!

I remember back in the day when I first started my spiritual journey back in 2014 I recall seeing only THE REAL shit pop up like Rich2150x, Bob Sanders and a few others. Now – aside from all the binural beat vids – got all these FAKE FUCKS popping up AS THE FIRST ONES when you search for astral projection on youtube. I’ll tell ya why?

As the AWAKENED KNOWS – we are in an “infowars” where the illuminati KNOWS they are losing against the war of awakened consciousness so they set these “traps” in the form of fake mofos like Koi Fresco, Ryan Cropper (who got mk ultra written ALL OVER HIM and based on MY EXPERIENCES with astral projection/out of body experiences is selling ya’ll A BILL OF BULLSHIT!) pushing all that “new cage bs” designed to dumb you all down and sell ya’ll a fake, idealized, romanticised version of the astral based on fake bs so ya’ll won’t know how it REALLY works thus not being able to open up your chakras. The illuminati does not want us all to be on the same page via telepathy so we’ll know their deception hence why they don’t want us opening up our chakras!

That said, they have “promoters” as revealed here such as “Richard Espinosa Jr.” WHO OPENLY ADMITS – as you can read in the screenshot – UPSELLING CERTAIN YOUTUBERS LIKE RYAN CROPPER AND SOME OTHER CHANNEL I COMMENTED ON LAST NIGHT:

Here a closer look with the incriminating word highlighted:

– That’s an agent! There’s plenty of em out there!

That said, that’s why REAL channels like mine get surpressed and ran off: THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE WHO WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT THINGS!

There’s a way you can TELL if someone an agent: one surefire way is ey QUICKLY RESPOND THE MINUTE YOU POST A COMMENT! YOU KNOW IT’S AN AGENT WORKING WITH A 24/HR ACCOUNT OR A TROLL BOT IN THE LEAST! Here is an article revealing how they shadily hire people under the fake facade of stopping “online trolls” aka TRUTHERS LIKE ME:

Yep! This how many people they got working on that ONE ACCOUNT!

Keep in mind next time a mofo internet argument got you going back and forth into the wee hours of the morning and you wondering how the fucker gets “any sleep”? Answer: THEY WORK IN SHIFTS!

That said, this why they come for MY ass like the mofo in the next article!

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