How Banks Use The Monetariless Money System To Steal From You

Okay, I peeped the differences yesterday!

I noticed that after I withdrew money from my checking account, I had about as you can see $12 left.

That said, this was in STARK CONTRAST with what I saw when I went to check my banking account online:

IT’S IN STARK CONTRAST to what is shown on the receipt and I checked my banking account online not too soon after. What are the implications of this?

Well, if you just check your online banking – like I do – for convenience you’d be thinking you still got $22 though you only have $12 (when the amount should just keep up IN both forums you would think since the atm and your online banking forum are connected to the same accounts). That said, you spend $15 or more, thinking you have enough, abd as what happened to me one day, get an overcharge or overdraft message in which you are charged $35 by the bank for spending more than what you have in your bank account.

This how banks steal from you!

This is why a monetariless monetary system controlled by central bankers is dangerous. We are moving in that direction as we move towards a NWO! That said – that’s why they took us off the gold standard (where money was backed by gold) in the 30s so that we will become more dependant on them and their debt monetary instruments aka money for survival so we’ll ultimately be slaves at their whim which will lead to the Hunger Games!

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