City Attorney Caught On Tape Trying To Get Me To Give Her Restitution Money In Extortion Attempt

You can hear it here (Starting at 0:35):

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And here at (Around 9:50 mark) AND you can hear the Judge then, too:

Here is what’s going on…


Here’s the deal: They don’t have the victim’s address on file nor any way to contact em, so all they gonna do is keep getting me to go back and go back UNTIL I PAY THEM THE MONIES OWED TO THE VICTIM and here is the thing;

There are two types of restitution:

A restitution victim’s FUND which goes directly to the state (For misdemeanors it can only go up to $100) And a restitution ORDER in which you pay DIRECT to said victim, which you can see explained directly OFF OF A STATE WEBSITE BELOW and highlighted in yellow (I can’t copy/ paste link since it’s a pdf file):

– So I owe a remaining balance of $406 which you can see below:



So, where the fuck is that money gonna go IF they do not have no way to contact the victim and… 2) If it is in the amount of $406 (as shown below the only other “option” would be victim restitution’s fund which is in the amount of $100 which is as far as it can go in terms of owing restitution)?


Simple… as said on tape, into the personal pockets of the city attorney and/ or judge as said on tape…


It’s extortion and they are NOT following the law they are supposed to uphold!

Here is where I talk about what has been going on, here:

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