Why Christians Are Oppressed and Bullied

In this video I RANT about how Christians have a dumb, linear, tunnel visioned perspective when it comes to TRUE SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS, including how most of their symbolism was appropriated from so called “pagan” traditions why their lil sociopathic narrow minded war against nature: against nudity, people living their lives as homosexuals, transgenders – got […]

Topless at Rampart LAPD Station Day

Alright, I saw a topless man at the Rampart LAPD station a couple of weeks ago:   I decided to be topless there, too.   Here is video…   Now, let me preface this by saying that the one thing you will learn – from the cat’s own mouth – in the video up above […]

Exposing the Sexual Predators and Possible Closet Case Homophobes Who Work At The Barbershop On 684 La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036

That said, look at this shyte:                         Look at the messages he sent me: I suspect it was either one of the two guys here (more so the one sitting down since he said in the email messages that he was, “sitting down” and […]

Attacked By New Millennium Barbershop Employees In Los Angeles and Selective Enforcement by LAPD

REMEMBER THIS GUY HERE:                     Who harassed me for being topless in public as you will see further down in the video below: (Here is a picture the dumbass sent with the email and compare with the above pic and note the similarity in eyes, nose, […]

Old Geriatric Dinosaur with the LAPD Harasses Me For Being Topless And I Win

  This bitch was patrolling since the day Jesus Christ walked the Earth, lol! This ole geriatric crakkka beast, who you are about to see in this clip here, harasses me for being topless in public: This old CRAKKKA BEAST shows up and under the guise of supposedly being given flagged down by “a bystander” […]

Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

::BREAKING:: THIS GUY IS A FUCKING STALKER! His obsession with seeing me “topless” combined with obsessing over telling me that it is not “socially acceptable” for me to be topless COMBINED with him knowing I went to the eyecare place on Monday and Thursday of this week shows he is a STALKER and possible rapist […]

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

In light of what just had happened today, which you can see here:   I will go ahead and amend the complaint to my civil lawsuit in which I am pursuing in federal court for violation of my rights based on gender to be female and topless in public!   Here below are screenshots of […]

5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

Alright, I thought that this shit would NOT persist after I filed my federal lawsuit but it is:   You can see here where I filed my lawsuit against the LAPD for this SAME, EXACT THING: For being topless in public, which you can read here: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/cacdce/2:2014cv04803/593138   Just today, as I was working out in […]