Why I Would Never Get On With A Straight Men

This makes perfect sense….


See EVERY-THING is energy! Yes, we are in physical containers known as bodies but who you truly are, your identity lies in your consciousness aka Soul!

I have a very masculine energy! I would need a counterpart feminine to compliment me (I didn’t say complete cause when you are a highlt evolved Soul like I, you are completed so you don’t need anyone else to complete you. I complete myself!)!

That being, since I am completing my Soul’s healing journey, I am able to articulate what I know to be true subconsciously! I couldn’t do that before cause I wasn’t whole (and had holes in my auric field).

That being said THIS is why I had a subconscious loathing of straight men and why I would never get with one. He would either have to be gay or else I will go with a transwoman (they are sooo pretty)!

As an addendum to this post I ain’t fucking with straight dudes even for me…. I break it down here the why!

Breaking Free of The Archonic Curse of Being Chaned To Sex Work For Money

So contact me about sex for money (or ANYTHING dealing with straight males) I’m calling the police or/and will ‘woke you ✊???‍♀️?

Don’t fuck with me!

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