Two Uncle Tom Azzholes Who Feel Black Womban Should Bow Down To Em

The two assholes I speak of are: Yashuah Haggerty, whose Facebook profile can be seen here: AND this other lil mofo (HE LOOKS LIKE A FHAGGOT) here, Michael Kayain Johnson: Here’s screenshots taken from their respective pages: YOU SHOULDA NEVER FUCKED WITH ME BUT YOU’RE GONNA LEARN TODAY!!! Looking at that picture, I […]

True Christ Consciousness: What Jesus Christ Really Taught

The great Goddess Kali in Hinduism taught that: “In order to destroy demons, you must become one.” Jesus Christ was NO PUNK! He didn’t teach to “be a wimp,” to “be a stooge,” to “Be a punching bag!” (The Roman Emperor deliberately picked and manipulated the now BUY-BULL from the Gnostic text based on Jesus […]

Who Really Was Jesus Christ

In this video I break down who Jesus Christ REALLY WAS vs. the falsefied images and information you hear in conventional society all the time: PS did you know that the depiction conventionally shown of Jesus Christ is not actually Jesus (who was actually black) but Cesare Borgia: …A RAPIST, INCESTUOUS, INBRED MURDERER AND SO […]

Orbs And Where Heaven and Hell REALLY Is

I notice that EVERYTIME I HAVE GONE DOWN TO THE BEACH I HAVE SEEN ORBS: WTF!!!??? Funny, the purple above is normally associated with The Purple Light Ray of Archangel Tzadkiel (my designated birth Angel based on Qabbalah mysticism) which you can read here: – Funny, too, in my old apartment when I would […]

Ladies Next Time A Man Calls You A Thot Say Thank You

Here’s why…   I won’t say too much but I will just leave this KNOWLEDGE right here: I will also say this: the illuminati will pervert, EXPLOIT AND USE THE POWER OF OUR ANCESTORS – OUR GODS – such as in the case of THOTH by dropping the “h” in the end of His […]

Stalked By White Supremacist Sexual Predator Black Holes Matter of Liveleak

Alright, this mofo – I have NO IDEA who this person could be – is obsessed with me. Look at this shit (here is his channel:                                             Then look at this shit HERE: […]