The Truth About The AZZtecs and Nearing Liberation Tarot Reading June 29, 2024

The Truth About The AZZtecs and Nearing Liberation Tarot Reading June 29, 2024

I wanna say this right now about the wetback:

Proof That They Are Not Like Us

During this curse I learned that black people, as talked about many times in the past, come from the TRUE God!

A transcript called “Tricked By The Light” shows this:

We come from the light, the Source, the true derivation of humanity. A transcript I read a long time ago called “Tricked By The Light” expounds on this.

That said, we are not like them.

That said, they come from a different god.

Their god is of the darkness and causes them to war-ship whytes.

– As shown there, the god the wetback comes from is bearded and white.

They still eat and kill people as their demon and reptilian creators and ancestors did back in the day:

WHY black folks focus on skin color, black and brown, is beyond me.

Focus on the spirit, the Soul, the oversoul consciousness and that said the oversoul consciousness of the wetback, as seen in the astral plane, is dark and racist towards us.

Their gods, as I learned during this curse, are evil spirits – with the exception of Quetzalcoatl who ate human flesh with them, his creation – and they come from hell realms in the astral plane, the darkness. They come from Benares in the solar system.

That said, whereas everyone else – white and black, Asian, Native American (North American) come from the light – even the artificial light as whyte folks do (they vibrate at 6000 hz, blacks come from the True Light), as I saw during a spiritual experiment, the demon seed comes from darkness, total darkness and, as their creator gods have shown me, evil, pure evil and racial hatred towards those who are pure and purely of the true light: blacks!

They vibrate at 4200 hz – the same as the root chakra – hence why they feed off of and have a penchant for rape and pedophilia.

I will say this – play 6000 hz frequency – a frequency that ONLY works on evil entities – on them as a people and watch em run!

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