The Roads We Could Take: De La Salle or Xavier Prep

Looking back on it the choice between those two schools was LIT like the difference between taking the red pill or the blue pill:

Xavier Prep was the red pill and, as my mom would say, I chose the hard road, the road with glass (shards), nails and whatever other difficulty you can think of!

That said, unlike most folks who are left to wonder how things coulda turned out had they taken this or that path, I am gifted with the ability to see how an alternate path woulda played out.

I get visions.

Had I gone to De La Salle the closest timeline woulda been as a senator (or a senator’s wife).

I saw the fake smile I woulda wore, the fucked up pizzagate shit I woulda been involved in – raping kids, etc. You can read more about it here:

I woulda been fake ass fuck, living a lie of a life. I woulda made a deal with a demon too cause in this timeline I heard a demon thru white noise say one morning, “You coulda been a senator’s wife.”

I also had an astral vision in which I saw that I woulda aspired to become President – just like I did in this timeline.

I was at the De La Salle library, seeing folks I have never met before in this timeline and purusing books – one of which talked about – and this phrase stood out – “How President’s personalities influence the economy” with an emphasis on Abraham Lincoln.

I also had another where I was in class and a nun was conducting it. I recall a priest had bought a box that had these pair of sneakers with an ars goetia symbol that stood out and was designed to help me get to where I need to be.

Now, for all of you out there who don’t know who the ars goetia are – they are a hierarchy of demons who presides over certain tasks, realms of hell.

The symbol I recall seeing looked like the symbol of Beelzebub – lord of the flies….

– The sigil looked very different. More like this:

– I quickly tore it up and threw it away.
I’ve been shown PLENTY of sigils, like this number 4 here whom I don’t know who it represents:

– You can see the Eye AND pyramid here!

I also had – and this was the first – an astral vision where I saw the teacher who woulda influenced me to go on an become a big actress. His name was Mr. Trujillo, a dark hispanic man with curly white/grey hair who wore glasses. He woulda been the major influence who woulda helped me get on that track to becoming a major movie star (in another closer timeline).

I also saw what woulda prompted it: a faggot ass art teacher (who was a faggot) with grey hair rimming around his bald ass head and a bald spot on the top who, out of jealousy for my artistic talent, woulda falsely accused me of stealing and other black students – including a childhood friend named Brandy Zeno, woulda stood up and defended me out of sympathy for the racism we faced there (it’s funny – every black student I knew from there – including my brother, cousin and a girl who transferred from that school – all had the thousand yard stare of someone in a catatonic state after going there which makes me wonder still).

From what I heard, they placed mostly black students in remedial courses since they had a tracking system unlike Prep’s where if you failed in one thing you got tracked to remedial – no matter if you excelled in other things.

All of this made me wonder and so I couldn’t help but wonder how life woulda turned out had I not made any deals with any entities.

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