Just Wait…. My Site Will Be Fully Back Up ?

SEA – I got emojis now ⭐???✨??

Anyways, I sea wordpress got a new keyboard panel – which I really don’t like and makes shit ever more complicated!

You know why they change this shit, huh!? It’s because their Bored of Directors demand “innovative” changes like every fucking week so that so that they can continue contributing money to said project/site. Yootube, fuck boi book does this!

Make a long story short, I’m still doing me – walking around topless, pissing off the residents of satanic, saturnian war-shipping Malibu, same place where they murdered Mitrice Richardson, in part as a sacrifice (I have alot to tell on that based on the visions I’ve seen), walking around topless:

I saw in a vision that I am their curse for what they did to Mitrice Richardson, which you can read more about here (like the sanitised story) as to what they did to her: https://www.newsweek.com/2016/06/10/los-angeles-county-sheriffs-department-mitrice-richardson-secrecy-suspicion-450421.html

Anyways…. I got a whole lot to do to configure resetting this site up! I am currently trying to configure how to show various images and videos (which I got ALOT of) from off this server. Then set this site up so I can monetize it (and get my poor black ass off the streets and outta my car ultimately) then I’m good!

That said, I’m showing my vids on yootube for now….



Thank ya’ll – and satan bless! Amun ?





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