Don’t Donate To Richard Martin Cause He’ll Undermine You After You Help Him

Don’t Donate To Richard Martin Cause He’ll Undermine You After You Help Him

This pisses me off…..

– I saw through my third eye it was him cause his name was spelled out…. my post got flagged within an hour he was on……

I also knew he did it cause after I donated to him there was a coldness after he got his money….. no thank you, etc……

He begs for donations so he can buy beer, cigarettes, as admitted here:

– Not food, “smokes.”

You can check out his IG page and see it’s chokefull of him drinking beer and smoking, hence why he is always in desperate need of donations…… Here is his IG:

Here, you can note he is dry begging…..

I feel more hurt then I feel hate honestly…..

This happens to me…. I know this is true…..

Weird though, when I skimmed my screenshots, there was something different there……

Knowing what I know spiritually I sense that powerful entities create urges in him – just like the urges for alke-hole, smokes – to cut off allies who can be of great aid and abetment to him.

A while back I he reached out to me for me to help him get a trucking gig. I accepted then he said something impetulent along the lines of hurry up then I cut him off…..

I see him and his brother got two BIG sacrificial heads – HUUGE ones – that were connected via etheric chords starting from the crown chakra to the root and one in the heart chakra. His brother I believe has a chord in the heart chakra so they do have bad shit that is materially oppressing them. I know this all too well if you read my blog.

That said, I am not gonna ‘woke these guys but….. somebody else can help them.

I can’t.

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