Get Ready For The Zombie Psychic Attacks By The Organic Portal Hordes

Get Ready For The Zombie Psychic Attacks By The Organic Portal Hordes

My cards, third eye told no lies about this ish incoming….

The first of em was…. while I was in the city playing with the hose at the car wash……

LAPD showed up after a wetback complained – my energy was too much for it – about my red mesh. Wetback go back to your country…..

Early that morning I spied a parks and beaches truck mysteriously coming up then making a u turn which they never do….

Crazy thing is this was RIGHT AFTER I did the reading talking about this…..

Early this morning I saw a white rape van – straight rape van – come up Topanga where I’m near then turn around…..

Saw a doped out rasta (I ain’t no fucking rasta) black dude who looked like Lauryn Hill in a nice new truck I am quite certain the gangstalkers provided him (nigga didn’t look like he could afford it) and this dude here who hurriedly took off lol…..

And this bitch right here – she the QUEEN of these gangstalkers out here, triangulating, trying to gaslight when I see this bitch parking out here EVERY. DAY.

Here how she look…..

– You can see she a bitch…..

Here her license plate…. CA license plate number 7HLG855

And how her vehicle look….

Go gangstalk her ass…..

You can see other gangstalkers showing up when I confront her.

Here so more mofos in that video…..

Fuck with em like a Pokèmon: go gangstalk em all!

Now these two, Imma do a separate article on these things…..

– He got caught…..

His license plate number is CA license plate number is 39897A1.

I caught this mofo masturbating in a rape van with no windows of all things….. looka how he pulls up his shirt while having lotion in his hand…..

This racist mofo here – it – tried to proposition me for prostitution under the guise of “wanting to help” and you wonder why I am “racist” towards crakkkas and wetbacks in the area…..

Here his face and license plate number, which is CA license plate number 85663U2…..

As I said if I were white I’d be seen as a hippie.

Even if I never did sex work these crakkkas would still label me as a “prostitute” cause they hypersexualize us…..

He was hoping I was gonna do something so he’d have grounds to call the cops but then I called the cops and his white ass fled 🤣😂🧙🏻‍♀️🚔👮🏻‍♂️

These guys were cool – and treated me like a human being for a change. Many gangster types tend to be that way I find: humble and caring but they are just, like me, caught up in rough shit, bad circumstances but got good hearts which is more than I can say about the “well heeled” dumbasses paying $3,000 in month in rent (when they can just live rent free in a van like me) just to say they live in “Malibu.” Dummies…..

That said, what you’re seeing is what I mentioned will happen in a reading I did this Monday about zombie attacks taking the form of organic portals attacking you for energy, which I saw in two dreams just this week.

I got something on the right side of my face that is heavy and is EXTREMELY hard to get rid of (fucker don’t wanna leave) whom I hear every night that has this creaky hiss voice (thru my third eye I saw a man, possibly an ancestor) that is influencing these attacks. These things don’t just hit ya with organic portals…..

Last night I all of a sudden had sexual urges in which I turned on some lesbian porn (the more real looking ones and not the dolled up heterosexual ones) and used my vibrator to get off twice just to appease it.

It’s two entities that done made themselves at home on my crown chakra (a bitch and a nigga) due to some trauma from long ago. I even thru my tarot cards keep seeing “the lovers” card popping up so I know shit’s afoul.

Imma have to resolve it so as to loosen it’s grip.

So far sage tea works the best I find – gotta get em while they green leaves and boil it and drink em hot – for loosening the grips of very stubborn entity attachments…..

Drink ORGANIC Sage Tea To Remove Entity Attachments From Within

I drink it every morning and sometimes at night.

This is the time for us Soulled people to do deep introspection and resolve inner hurts and traumas cause the only way we can survive this zombie apocalypse of the organic portals is to purge shit that allows entity attachments that draw em in to fester in us……

The word count for the WHOLE article is 777 – wow….

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