FedEx Truck Driver Pulls Up Shouts “Show Me Your Breasts”

FedEx Truck Driver Pulls Up Shouts “Show Me Your Breasts”

He was expecting me to take it to the street and call him all sorts of abominations as he did me…..

No, Imma get you fired from your job 👂🏻📲

And here he is…..

His truck number is 661228 and he is driving USDOT 239039.

He pulled up behind my van and yelled, show me your tits!

So I decided to call FedEx at 901-818-7500 (the headquarters in Tennessee) and complain about his ass!

I contacted them and as my mother taught me – which was to always put everything in writing – wrote an email detailing the event along with pictures that include him.

People – really organic portals – think that if they have you pegged as “crazy” they can do whatever they like, esp. if you are perceived as “homeless” and live an unorthdox life.

As this guy probably sensed….. hence why he got THE FUCK outta dodge…..

…..As they learned……

White Supremacist Racist Employee Named Billy Who Works For West Hills Towing In Canoga Park Thinks It Is Okay To Disrespect Black Women Cause He Sees Us All As Crackheads

I’m nobody to fuck with and I’ll go outta my way to ruin your life you fuck with mine.

Peace ✌🏻

….And don’t fuck with me.

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