Looking For A Remote Flexible Online Job That Don’t Do Background Checks or Require Resumes

Just now this energy vampire crakkka sexually harassed me via calling me and these texts….

His number is 617-468-0907. Give that pos a call ☎️

I absolutely loathe how I make side money now….

I hate it and I hate the motherfuckers I see whom I forced to do so due to finacial constraints.

I know I got my lil etsy business but I get clientele far few and in between (in the future when I get enough money I plan to buy in bulk crystals and resell them) so, for rainy days, I feel that I am stuck still having to see these nasty energy ass tricks who are straight up energy vampires….

There is this one guy I see who IS the consummate organic portal: this guy has NO SOUL and moves like a fucking insect, on instinct.

He has no inner world, etc.

I had to see him cause I need money for the dui class and also for the interlock device (it’s $38 biweekly to go back to the shop to maintain it – highway fucking robbery) and, let me tell you….


I noticed too that since I am ascending – and getting all that nasty ass shit off me like entity attachments etc. the dude seemed disappointed and almost pissed at me since he can no longer drain my energy. He almost didn’t wanna pay me cause of that.

Many of these guys are energy vampires and have evil shit manipulating them, controlling them and in them which they then pass onto you via sex like this fool here…..

Gangstalking Palisades Elec TRICK Owner Gets Ran Up The Street Brings More Gangstalkers Along

– If I see this fool again I’m throwing a rock 🪨 at his ass…..

He came around this Sunday to try and see me and I told him get the fuck outta here.

That said, read that article I did on him. I cursed him out and he STILL coming back!

I saw thru my third eye that my alcohol addiction is directly due to fucking these low vibratory, entity attachment filled ass tricks.

That said these dudes have bad shit attached to em which, as I ascend, I want nothing to do with.

I’m not gonna lie I had an etheric film of grime all over me after dealing with the TRICK I saw yesterday.

It is more than just being better than doing that but I need to spiritually protect me during this very vulnerable time of healing and ascension and I see these dudes – and the circumstances that forces me into seeing em – as a psychic attack. An attack designed to lower my vibration. An attack that is designed to allow this shit to reinfest me after I have cleansed them.

For instance, over the Christmas holidays my van got impounded and I was forced to reconnect with these tricks to get my shit out. I literally felt something reattach to me on the right side when I did.

I loathe doing this shit and I loathe them.

That said I am looking for a flexible, remote (I CAN NOT WORK AROUND PEOPLE AND EVERY JOB I EVER HAD I GOT FIRED FROM IT!!!!) work at home 🚙 lol job where I can get money and have money in case my van breaks down, gets impounded in conjunction for the dui stuff so I don’t ever have to go to these tricks again and I can totally cut these energy vampires out my life for good 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

I already had one guy suggest something and Imma hop on it today but if you all got suggestions are answers PLEASE 🙏🏻 contact me at [email protected] cause this shit isn’t sustainable or healthy for me spiritually 🙏🏻

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