This Is Why I Am Hostile To Crakkkas And Wetbacks

This Is Why I Am Hostile To Crakkkas And Wetbacks

– Looked ALOT like this redneck here. Just.

Wetbacks aren’t as bad but still cause they think they are white and due to their bloodline they must be given a wide berth…..

– I wish I woulda got this shit on tape…..

An hour earlier a crakkka white supremacist (or shall I say white supremacist race war warrior) who had passed by earlier lecherously giving me the predatory stare then came back around and parked RIGHT behind me in light of this having happened….

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

He looked like this…..

Well more like ZZ Top…..

And opened his mouth under no uncertain terms to disrespect me and let me know that he views me as property – as they do all blacks…..

That said, needless to say I threw rocks, sprayed IT’S face with Raid damn near and ran IT up the street ??

– I notice the crakkkas around here treat and see the blacks they do like as “children” hence why I treat these crakkkas around here like shit, control/dominate them and run their dumbasses up the street cause they are stupid!

Not too long after these white supremacist racist warriors looking to “put a nigger bitch in her place” approached then got ran off…

CA license plate number 8RCN582

CA license plate number 8SDD089

That said I am not a fan of whites and I make it clear all throughout my blog.

As I have said before these mofos do not see black people in general as human, they feel entitled to our bodies and you have to make it violently clear to them that you are not the one to play with.

There was a study conducted that showed this in which via the study it is exposed THE REAL REASON why whites don’t move out of the way for passing blacks and others of color…..

They see us as property and I’ve been instinctively known that hence why I act as hostile as I do to em, to ‘wake their asses up ✊????? ‘Woke #WokeOnCrakkkas

They are stupid and have an arrogance where they got this manifest destiny where they feel entitled to subjugate everything due to innate – and justified – feelings of inferiority stemming from their very real genetic inferiority……

As Tucker Carlson broke down due to their lack of a pineal gland these motherfuckers lack the intuitive capacity to be able to empathize and see where you are coming from hence why it is your duty as a black person to just fuck up their world and bring them in the most bombast and insidious manner possible – reality.

They have to be humbled.

That is why I am not in the biz of being understood by them, I am in the biz of destroying them!

One thing I gotta say that I LOVE about Mexicans and other hispanics know they gotta pay a woman. This ugly ass old fucking crakkka – I don’t care if it is a good looking crakkka cause I don’t want that saltine shit ? – actually had the fucking audacity to approach a black God like me and feel free with IT’S ugly ass to disrespect me, saying, LYING “I waved him down.”

I wish I woulda thrown more than rocks at his ass.

I can’t stand stupidity. Don’t approach me if you are NOT on my level of consciousness cause I am gonna make you regret it.

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