Look Bitch I Ain’t Joining Your 13 Blighted Cult So You Can Steal My Energy

Look Bitch I Ain’t Joining Your 13 Blighted Cult So You Can Steal My Energy

13 Blighted Lords…. sound like a fucking name only a Dungeons and Dragons nerd would come up with……

You can see this crackhead ass nigger is under the influence and is possessed by something here, ole weirdo mofo……

– Weirdo took IT’S videos down, wisely but here IT’S channel if the jiggaboo starts up again……


Here one fucking nerd from the past who I crushed named Vule who had been fervently attacking me…..

This a crackfiend who was a part of it….

That said, look mofo you ain’t getting my energy……

Look you magickally inept incompetent motherfucker that is an energy grab – an energy grab that you are trying to pull on me. A fucking energy grab. This basturd wants me to be part of his cult so I can be used as an energy sacrifice to the weak ass gawds his dumb organic portal ass war-ships. I mean if they fucking powerful why the fuck they need my energy to survive?

When you get into magick you’ll come across these types as I have done in the past…..

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

There was a young white kid who told me how a nigger bokor or voodoo priest tried to “induct” him into voodoo so as to use him for an energy sacrifice. You gotta watch out for that shit.

If you gotta fuck with something fuck with the ancient Egyptian (or another older civilization) mystery school religions, spiritual systems. Don’t fuck with these lil natty natty ass small ass cult sects where they create egregores from their minds designed to be sustained by your energy. I am too advanced for that!

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