When I Wanna Cum For A New Van These Wetbacks and Crakkkas Go A ‘Runnin ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

When I Wanna Cum For A New Van These Wetbacks and Crakkkas Go A ‘Runnin ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

I told ya’ll this shit with the street harassment and the “wooo baby” and cat calls is about sexual violence (targeted at me mainly cause I am black)….

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

I inadvertently found a way to repel they asses lol……

I do need a new van and mo-nay dough ? so please cum talk to me at 310-359-5199 to discuss details. Serious inquiries only….

That said….. This low key social experiment has exposed something that many feminists speak on which is that sexual harassers get off on DOMINATING their victims by going after females who don’t want it……

Something I did a while back involving a 25lbs dumbbell exposed this…..

He moves with the quickness ⚡ when he sees I can fight back!

That said, I have it doubly hard being black and female!

Some sist⭐rs on lipstickalley were talking of how they were pulled at by crakkkas in Europe cause they thought they were black and sex workers….

You know, last night I saw thru my third eye ??? that if I were white with the same amount of energy ??=?? I would have mofos coming at me, but not as many…..

White supremacy and patriarchy makes it very hard for a black woman to “just be”…..

Which is why I gotta throw rocks…..

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

Throw ‘woke ✊? (diss shid ESP. effective)……

This Is Why I Fuck With Black Magic and Diss WHY You NEVER Step To A Witch

I conquer mofos ??⬜⬛? wid it…..

And otherwise do domineering shit myself to only not just to “be” aka be myself but ensure my safety! Pee-pole, I mean looka here….

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

That being said I GOTTA do what I gotta do to protect me cause otherwise, people will victimize me and use just “the way I am” as an excuse and it’s sickening….. And people who project, who say “she a weirdo”, “a crackhead”, “She ain’t shit” like that rapist up there ?? said – I mean I wonder how many women he did that too (it pisses me off he used the way I am as an excuse to do this) – I mean, they making an enemy out of me when I have done nothing to em. They just…. come and take their shit out on me – their personal problems with their man, dudes who are intimidated by how “strong” cause their actions force me to be strong like here…..

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

His ass a rapist…. I found out in the astral…..


I mean it’s crazy how folks just wanna take for my strenght by walking all over me and expecting me to be cool with this cause they are intimidated by this.

Fuck that!

This is for all the so called “weirdos” out there. Fuck colour!

I been called a fucking “weirdo” all my life just cause I wanna “be.”

I was called this in Nigger New Orleans – all over!

It is my energy in part cause it strikes up fear in these organic portals who have no Souls and the fear of what my Power can wrought!

Read this whole portal on ‘wokeing ✊? to see ??? what I mean…..


I rem. that lil white lady who be prostituting at Zuma Beach here……

Was saying “be nice.” She 25. Easy for her to say cause she WHITE!

I’ve seen expressions of this form of racism, even coming from niggers.

That’s why I don’t do the “group I’m down with the nigger mayates” or any group shit. I DELIBERATELY keep people away cause I know dumb bitches are gonna come into my safety zone, my personal space to “flip me”, fuck me over. My anti-social personality is my safety blanket!

It’s empty like a mofo on the pch right now!

That’s why I don’t live for others, others’ approval. Fuck that! Fuck that shit! No one except a few – I can sense them – most of ya’ll are organic portals – will understand. Ya’ll too busy looking at “she offending me”, she telling truth to see what the fuck I’m all about.

That being said, being the outcast has given me power. I don’t feel for most mofos. I don’t care about unnecessary rules…..

Looka this #spiritualsigns – brass knuckles on top a fat naked pink lady…..

Wonder what that means……

That being said, fuck that respectable kneegro politricks shit that many mayates be on….. it is tyme for the satan to CUM OUT…..

White People Are The Devil And How To Use The Satanic Energy Against Them

Satan = Chaos = Melanin Magick


Looka this crakkka hea – bitch you gotta pay me!

I don’t play nobody’s fucking game as old black folks’ speak – bitch you play mine!

I’m an old hoe. I don’t play this shit or no one’s shit. Bitch, like Jigsaw you play my game, heaux!

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