I Gotta Be Careful Who I Gift

I Gotta Be Careful Who I Gift

The mofo here was calling me a “mexican” knowing damn well I can’t stand them mofos while talking to the police over the phone….

I take it as a spiritual hit!

See, that shit there with the nigger attacking me – he was going on about some Egyptian goddess who war-ships penises – after seeing an Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus/ or Ra last week TWICE on two shirts like here:

– That whole symbolism on his shirt looks weird….

– HOLY SHIT that’s the Eye of Horus and – the way it looks on both of us – it looks like it is being locked in a satanic paradigm. That shirt he wearing – the jewish star – looks like the Gangster’s Disciples sigil, esp being flanked in red:

And me…. though this is a regular pentagram (like the wiccans wear and as such the kind used by the early christian church as a form of protection) this shit look like the one straight from the satanic Anton LaVey bible:

– I think it suggest positive symbols (the Eye of Horus) shrouded in darkness cause I have known folks, at least one dude, with a star of david tattoo and he got addictions out the wazoo.

Tattoos draw energy from the astral and carries different frequencies so be careful what you put on your body!

….I take these all as spiritual hits tho.!

That is why I preach overstanding things as well as inner standing things while still reacting (I honest think that the shit with the nigger was designed as some type of divine retribution for him getting away with cold blooded raping that young white lady. The INjustice system out here is foul)!

That being said, as I put the finishing touches on my healing – I am getting strong enough to fight the shit that archonic forces throw at me – I was supposed to get LIT run over but instead they threw the incident with the nigger which ain’t all that bad and helped someone out at me:

Black Ass Nigger Rapist Named Tony Punched Me For Not Accepting His Sexual Advances

That said, you gotta watch who you give your shit too! The dudes I gave the water jug too – as you all know I am not an emotional person and I don’t run off blabbering about my day and shit (folks do that not to seek answers but to get the energy of their emotional issues off em) and I am pretty stoic and reserved. I hate those types who do that and I was once there myself but I pulled myself out of it by doing inner energy healing. Shit don’t get to me like it used to.

That said the dudes in that rv were specifically who I was talking about here – Sean esp. etc.:

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

They were the ones who I was referencing who do certain things in which they are co dependent on cause they are not strong enough yet to deal with their inner issues, so they project their weaknesses out on me by trying to portray my inner strenght and reserved manner as being “masculine” cause they lack the “balls” – really, the pussy (as I explained in the article before they are tougher than balls) – to stand on their own and examine their own inner issues so they are no longer dependent on certain “shit”.

When I gave em the water jug – merely a water jug – the shit they have on em babyyyyy as I explain here:

You don’t want it. I had a shadow being try to attach to my right side, feelings of inner hopelessness, weakness, codependency that set the stage for chemical dependency. I was also unusually harsh on myself for how I handled the fight (I usually bounce back and feel invigorated like even in worse situations like when I got stabbed) and now that I got myself back and can see things in MY OWN PERSPECTIVE I ACTUALLY DID FUCKING GREAT CONSIDERING THE CIRCUMSTANCES! Jaw nearly got dislocated and like a hawk I still went in (the Cuban dude was saying that, I handled myself well). The eagle – which is similar to a hawk – is my spirit animal. I even got the eyes of em (an eagle eye even appeared in the sky while taking my spiritual bath which I will show later). I felt I was just dying and that’s how they feel. One even said to me, “An alpha female like me needs an alpha male.” Nope. After literally wadding in ya’ll’s energies… no! I carry my own weight! I saw, felt what was in em, on em. I ain’t splitting their demons.

Black women gotta stop carrying the weight of the world and everyone’s struggles and being the ma’s of the world.

I got my own inner demons to fight. I ain’t making energy chords with those who don’t wanna acknowledge theirs but will foist theirs onto me to deal with it while tearing down my own inner strenght.

I can’t live like this where I fear giving gifts out of fear of absorbing other folks’ energies and visa versa. I was able to solve it but it seems like when I go to a new level of healing it opens up – like what you see in the old fashioned (my era) video games – new entity attachments that I have to slay (inner demons) and new challenges, kinda like paths, to confront to get to that golden door….

It’s like how I got rid of that satanic entity attachment and then when I removed something else the energy it had along with another hidden entity attachment possessing similar energy to it popped up!

That said, after getting the water jug back – man I was feeling weird – I took a spiritual bath and I saw an eye in the sky that look similar to what I used to draw as a kid and even now, almost similar to a hawk:

I even saw dolphins….

Here the eye in the sky:

– The more I look at it it looks like an Eagle, like the Egyptian Sun God Ra:

I gotta get these entities off my ass and remove these soul contracts!

I heard I have a soul contract that forces me to fucking “forgive” hence why I be getting my ass whooped and why I can’t ‘woke the worst folks who did the worst to me.

But it’s getting better!

And I said no lie about them wetbacks – they came a-attacking right after I gave them low self esteem dudes the water jug:

I say no lies on em….

One came into the astral last night to slap me and I choked the shit out of IT’S ass and sent her astral body to hell.

Don’t fuck with me, esp. you wetbacks!

Oh, and I am getting my MAGA knitted cap and baseball cap (Imma get a shirt too) tomorrow ✊? #MAGA ???

That said the main thing I gotta work on now is removing, maybe finding my deeper inner true self thru all this morass of programming. See, the reason why what that teacher said afflicted me – there is something in me that keeps me kinda “holding on” like a fucked up safety blanket – to the bull she said which has caused a continual block in my throat chakra. See a schism occurred where I rejected the old prim proper me – how I was raised – for the “real” niggerishness of them – it’s like it made me hate me but then, knowing my folks, who kept us sheltered, aren’t real, who is the real me.

I know I always felt “white” inside and never really felt black and I explain that in my two transracial/past life articles here:

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

That “schism” made me feel a connection to em which I shouldn’t and I felt was forced by said schism.

Man I got alot of (inner) work to do….

Imma have to do some deep meditating to find out….

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