Christina Millian Late 90s Video Say I Shows Her With A Smartphone

Christina Millian Late 90s Video Say I Shows Her With A Smartphone

This video came out WAYYYY before smartphones existed – amongst the general population!

Look at how in one of the pics she holds it up to her ear like she is talking like one would do with a smartphone…

Why would she do that if it wasn’t a smartphone….

You can watch the video in it’s entirety here….

That said, let’s talking about cloning….

The one on the right is Christina Millian and the other is Lark Voorhees aka Lisa Turtle of “Saved By The Bell.”

That said, Lark Voorhees has suffered “mental illness” aka split personality for a long time and I believe it is due to mk ultra….

This just SCREAMS MK ULTRA here….. esp the blonde wig which designates someone becoming an mk ultra control doll otherwise known as sex kitten programming….

I talked about it with Kanye West’s “conversion” here:

Hollywood Reporter ADMITS Kanye West’s Blonde Hair SHOWS that He IS UNDER MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL

That being said what I am trying to get at is that I sense that Christina Millian was more than likely a clone and I sense that Lark Voorhies was “born” the same way. That is why Lark Voorhies is acting out of turn and losing it cause as mk ultra victim Cathy O’ Brien stated there is a procedure called “Throwing them off the freedom train” that happens with mk ultra victims after a certain while when they are no longer useful:

That being said I feel that they found some “use” with Lark but this explains why she is “losing it”.

I BRING UP ALL THIS cause there are deep underground military bases where advanced technology beyond our wildest dreams are created. Phil Schneider talks about all this here:

I surmise that these folks are clones. They were created underground hence their access to the “latest” technology that wasn’t available to us and they hide all this in plain sight!

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