Removing The Energy Signatures Created By So Called Gods I War-shipped So I Can Be Free

Removing The Energy Signatures Created By So Called Gods I War-shipped So I Can Be Free

Whew! I have ALOT to say since I have obviously been missing in action. Imma wait for the next post to break it down and then, after, Imma try really hard to break these ties with this stubborn entity that I sense came along after a pact I called myself making when I was real young that I am trying to break of – right now!

That being said, the first part of the MAJPR part of my healing consisted of my breaking free from the energy chords and signatures that were attached from the times that I was forced into war-shipping shit as a result of this entity, I think it is a skeletal entity (it has a nasally voice and I saw via astral projection that it forges deals with folks in exchange for wealth and fame and material power) as well as a reptilian entity, both of whom work in tandem with each other…..

This is me breaking down my inner struggles and conflict….

Based on some progress I been making I am now feeling that some of this shit is due to outside manipulation, getting me oversensitive to sexual harassment, even manipulating my sacral chakra when I refuse to react, influencing fuckers to fuck with me (now that I’ve seen the light and know what’s going on I ain’t reacting ??). This is pure evil shit that was me in a VERY fucked up place and mind state and, again, a nigger Ifa so called “priest” comes along to make sure that I stay innured in the matrix realm:

This happened before with a fucking nigger Ifa priest:

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

This is fucking sickening and it is MONSTROUS what is being done to me…. mad fucking monstrous and I’m sick of it. I really mad am – sick of having my fucking throat chakra manipulated (when I be about to say certain things that could convey real truths ny throat chakra tightens up). Imma break it down in the next blog post but Imma say this right now……

If you got a Soul DO NOT WAR-SHIP ANYTHING – NO CHRISTIAN GOD, NO FUCKING ALLAH! ALLLL that shit is designed to keep us Soulled people in the matrix so the demiurge and co. can feed off of us. Fuck that and I’m breaking that false fucking contract!

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