Insta-heaux Listened: They Stopped Posting Lil Half Bred Designer Baby Mutt Basturds On My Timeline

This is what I prefer….

This it! That ??

Even my porn ads got with the program, sorta…..

Yet they STILL gotta post them mofos, but at least they dark ??

I hate niggaz like this. She ain’t half black (American) and Puerto Rican. Puerto Rican an ETHNICITY AND A NATIONALITY! You have black Puerto Ricans just as you have Black Americans:

I got serious tired of seeing these lil half bred multiracial MUTTS insta-heaux kept posting to my timeline who are really testaments to their parents’ – namely the BLACK ONE – insecurities in that black women are siring they asses to be the popular lite brite girl in high school they wish they could be while the black men have em for, well, looka this picture and tell me what you see ????‍?❤?? #pedophilia

That’s fucking sick!

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