Diss A 5G Satellite or Some Type of Spy Satellite Place Over My Car?

This tripped me the fuck out. I don’t know how long it has been placed but I peep it is directly. over. my car! In a spot I usually park. I wonder if it is deliberate?


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While en route to bust that old mofo’s ass who I talked about here:


And here:


With a friend (by the way that old mofo who was stalking me got an illegal, unregistered gun in his car)….

I came across diss:


I have been seeing this weird “star” for a coupla years now. He said it is a satellite for T-mobile designed to look like a star – as if done with 5G towers – but when I have meditated on it I see look like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars:

Which, if it is just a regular satellite and not an orb as I thought previously:



– One time I even saw it flanked by a red orb for awhile, like they are friends lol!

I peep it follows me!

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