Why Spirits Incarnate On This Earth Realm

I did some pondering as to WHY would spirits incarnate on this hellhole while having heaven – literally – in the “afterlife” which is literally the astral.

See, in the afterlife, you can create whatever you want: houses, mansions, fast cars – anything you wish. That is because in the astral aka “afterlife” EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT! The less dense it is and the more spiritual it is the more you can conjure things up in a split second and – bam – all your material needs are met! No need to work hard and that is the KEY to what I am about to talk about…

I think souls incarnate here for a challenge. That’s why it’s said the more adversity your soul goes through, the more it grows! That’s why some souls as per their soul contract will CHOOSE to go through some heavy shit like child molestation, etc. The problem lies in getting TOO caught up in the human experience. See unlike in the astral where everything is thought when you are in the physical, the 3D YOUR ASS (unless you learn to work with the Divine Feminine Energy via opening your chakras, etc.) YOU STUCK! You can’t change shit and it’s often young souls who get caught up in the 3D human or any other kind (since you can incarnate as a fish, etc.) of experience here since their dumb lil asses can EASILY forget that we are souls having physical 3D experiences and not the other way around…

YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY! It’s like a 3D video game where our soul becomes the character by incarnating into the character’s body and we all got ROLES to play as per our divine life contract. Enlightened souls overstand this and thus don’t take the shit seriously. We don’t get caught up in the matrix trap of flashy cars, etc., having to have certain jobs, maintain appearances cauee we know the 3D ain’t tho. white folks make it as such cause they only have spirits like other animals do and not souls which is why they make it heaven on Earth via focusing on material shit like mansions, money, physical cleanliness but not spiritual hygiene (which is why they call seeing visions “schizophrenia” and why they focus on fake respectable politics aka keeping up appearances while not being good people such as John Wayne Gacy who murdered all those boys while dictating to neighbors that they had to be “polite” by mowing they lawn as a neighborhood association Pres-o-dent) here cause they know they can’t ascend due to lacking souls (white folks according to the Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt were made from animal parts in the astral which he discussed down below):

That’s why they don’t comprehend anything beyond Crakkka Christ and dogma and have a piss pot poor understanding/innerstanding of spirituality cause they are made to focus on the material matrix and keep REAL SOULLED HUE-MANS DOWN AND FROM TRUE SPIRITUALITY as per the archons aka reptilians, etc. request which I spoke of here:


That’s why you can’t get caught up in that shit: we live many different lives in many differeng bodies but your soul is who you are.

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