What Will Be The Outcome of Derick Almena Ghostship Trial

::2020 PREDICTION: HE GOT ACQUITTED SO I WAS RIGHT – but they retrying him sooo….::

I’m not shocked!

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There’s a reason why his lawyer, Tony Serra (seems like a great man) has had his client in pre trial limbo for years; it’s because HE KNOWS due to massive press, etc. that that’s the reason why the book is being thrown at him and for no other reason.

The Ghost artist loft ship was located in Oakland near San Francisco which has some of the HIGHEST RENTAL RATES IN THE COUNTRY. Them people had no place to go (what are they gonna do? Go to Assbackwards, Iowa where they praise “god” aka the Demiurge: https://toplessinla.org/2017/05/29/god-is-satan-the-demiurge/ country and guns? Where the mofos are ignorant and narrow minded – THE LAST PLACE AN ARTIST SHOULD BE (Which is why plenty of REAL creatives flee those place)!

Hypochristian Iowa just introduced a constitutional violating law against abortion:



Why should anyone be FORCED to live there; be part of a borg. Where you live is about comfort, NOT just having a conventional place to live, eat sleep rest and have a regular job. PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT and cities like San Fran and where I live – L.A..get it:

I look mad handsome here, like a Black Handsome Fabio (the face):

– Anyways, on a serious note – where else them people gonna live? Why they aim’t holding the builder owner who got funds from him (rent) and should feel MORE than responsible? What about the police chief and others who all knew about it and were in authority to do something about it but didn’t?

I don’t like Derick. He seems from the stories I heard that he did some fucked up things. I see he was enabled by friends and was just the useful idiot such as how he is being used as the hangman here:

– Funny thing is, when I felt inclined to pick thar card, it was hanging upright which is a sign!

Reminds me of the artist loft situation here I dealt with (and still do):

But… people I know gotta understand he ain’t no professional owner – HE WASN’T THE OWNER! HE WAS JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE LIKE ANYONE! He wasn’t aware or I think was in tune with the significance of fire hazards. I mean, look, I see the crakkkaroaches (white folks) talking shit about him and they the same NORP midwest living mofos who believe you gotta follow the law at all costs – no nuances. You know slavery was once legal and their crakkkkaroach asses WOULD BE COMPLETELY COOL WITH IT (Esp. that!). That said they those strick tattle tale no nuances follow and OBEY ALLL RULES without question robotic types. Their opinions should NOT be taken seriously. They hold human progress back. They are narrow minded and their thoughts should not be considered.

That said, here are the cards I threw. My interpretation is in the video.

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