Occult Science 101: Spiritual People Need Divine Protection

It dawned on me that people like myself “ain’t of this world” so we need DIVINE PROTECTORS TO HELP US!

What do I mean by that? A while back I wrote about how goddesses like Oshun, Thor are all agents of the Demiurge, avatars – which could be true:



That said, as I explained – they were ordinary people like us who’s asses smelled like ours, LIVED as we do now and just developed “superpowers” like Jesus Christ and opening ourselves to Our Divine Feminine Spirit and when they transitioned – as we will – out of our mortal bodies – their healings, miracles passed on into Legend, thus becoming GODS!

That said, you hear in the Buy-Bull (the counterfeit Roman Council of Nicea made one) with the Tower of Babel and all throughout ancient Greece that the “gods” will punish you for trying to become like them…

Here is what I think happens: they are still astral spirits but because of all the people they have following them has resulted in alot of energy coming their way. Thus when we open our chakras and get entity attacks we can call upon them to PROTECT US FROM THOSE ENTITIES!


If you advanced enough, you can make your own. COME AT THEM AS AN EQUAL SO THEY WILL TREAT YOU AS AN EQUAL INSTEAD OF AS A SUBORDINATE IE “WOR-SHIPPER” WHON THEY CAN HARVEST ENERGY FROM! Fact is, while here – when you open your chakras, YOU ARE opening yourself to other dimensions in which any and any thing can come in to attack so you need protection – somehow, someway!

Trust me, you a mini God in training! You’ll thank me!

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