Lost Hills Watch Commander Says Deputies From Early This Morning Had No Right to Harass Me Cause I’m Cited Out

The watch commander, Sgt. Gonzalez, said himself HERE THAT THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO HARASS ME (That’s why it’s good to have people of color IN CHARGE):

Here the incident I am referring to:


Basically, these mofos – a tranny cop and another REAL female – HARASSED me for fake ass warrants whose fakeness you can read about, here:


EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALREADY BEEN CITED OUT FOR SAID WARRANTS! They just doing the shit cause they want me out.

Sgt. Gonzalez told me that they keep a book of people who been cited out so if they cited me out for the warrants down below:

– According to Sgt. Gonzalez, THEY SHOULDA LEFT ME ALONE!

Basically, I had spoken to a Sgt. Foss, the same mofo involved in my false arrest:

Who was practically whitesplaining/ crakkkaroach splaining the shit since crakkkaroaches stick together, which you can hear here:

– I had that celestite stone out which I believe was fucking up the audio here!

It wasn’t until I called the HUE-man Watch Commander, THE MAN OF COLOR, did he confirm they on some DUMB SHIT!

Thank you, Sgt. Gonzalez!!!

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