Are We In A Level 3 Universe Hence the BerenstAin Effect

In case you’re wondering here it is:

A level 3 univserse as defined here:

…is where the laws of physics is RADICALLY different from what we are used to, hence the astral aka “dream” realms we enter into at night – our real reality!

That said, I thought about it after listening to one of Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures here:

THAT SAID, I firmly believe that the 3 vibrational shifts we went through – CERN may have had a hand in em – one which occurred in 1983 (the year I was born), there was another one in 2012, the year everyone FALSELY thought the world would end but turns out it was a vibrational shift and the illuminati told you all it was the “end of the world” to have you all at a low vibrational level so you wouldn’t ascend (I sincerely believe that the “rapture” are really these vibrational/consciousness shifts and those who ascend experience the 4D and even 5D – maybe even more – realms on this Earth while those of a lower frequency STAY THERE, SPIRITUALLY, OR EVEN GET A DUMBER)!

Hence why we are hearing I feel more and more about the “Mandela Effect”, a concept introduced by Cynthia Ann Larson (SHE WAS THE FIRST person to introduce the concept circa 2007, around that time):

…in which people are marrying into more fluid timelines which can juxtapose each other, hence why people – including I – remember the BerenstAin Bears being called the BerenstEin Bears (I remember thinking as a child, “Why these bears got Jewish names, lol?”). Now, EVEN MY OLD BOOKS SAY BERENSTaIN INSTEAD OF BERENSTein!!! Not only that BUT I SWEAR IN 2002 I SAW BILLY GRAHAM’S FUNERAL PROCESSION for a split second on tv. Then I recall reading on Wikipedia years later that he died in 2007. Now the current wiki says that old caucazoid “Egyptian” mummy IS STILL ALIVE (How the FUCK that’s possible even though the nigga ANCIENT is beyond me! Must be pizzagate!). I even talked about a smaller version of the Mandela Effect here:

…in which in Alien Federation’s “Ascended Masters”, the music changed (unless Youtube fucked with it like they did RichieFromBoston’s channel to remove the images of the REAL RICHIE after he was murdered after leaking the CERN sacrifice video here:

Here is the FAKE Richie’s response:

…Note the fake Richie feeling compelled to say he is not dead!

The REAL RichieFromBoston by the way was an old white man (handsome, too) in his 60s with brilliant blue eyes and extremely smart. I even saw screenshots which after accidentally clicking forward and trying to move back suddenly “disappeared.”).

Also, as talked about here:

Paul Dienarch – a man who wrote a diary of memories from his future self – mentioned we would come into a new form of consciousness that would allow us to be reintroduced to the astral while in 3D – an ability that is said to be STOLEN from us after the reptilians – the bad ones – came to us from Alpha Draconis. I wonder, instead of as predicted that we will discover it in 2700 something, if it will happen sooner rather than later…

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