Fleurbrun Tells Young Man Youtuber Ryan Cropper To Suppress His Psychic Abilities

Here is what I’m talking about:

That is some evil, deceptive shit right there, some passive aggressive, underhanded shit that can only come from a jealous individual! Why tell him to suppress his gifts cause “they watching” when she SUPPOSEDLY exposes them all the time! That can only come from feelings of jealousy towards that guy! That said, I’ve long sensed evil, alot of negative energy from her! I never sensed she was a sincere individual, hiding behind giddy laughing and looking “bubbly” when alot of dark waters run underneath! I can sense people’s spirits and sense shit very well and I have never trusted her! Unfortunately, most people – like her followers – are blind and would rather shoot the messenger than hear the message! People like me can NEVER make it in this world cause we are too sincere and honest and we call shit out for what it is, which is why I am enduring financial, just overall life hardship (as of now I feel like there are evil energies trying to veer me down a certain path I don’t wanna go which you can read here:  https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/22/the-illuminati-trying-to-recruit-me-to-be-the-antichrist/ )

Note how, numerologically, we both have VERY similar numbers (His, 666 and mine, 999 which = completion!) AND NOTE HOW THEY SAY HE WAS HERE FOR A GOOD PURPOSE JUST AS THEY SAID OF ME (AND WE SEE HOW THAT TURNED OUT!!!)!

Here mine!

Unlike Hitler, I’m fighting it! People like me get isolated and alienated cause we mean good and are sincere, RAW in a world of fakes and phonies in which people are told to don fake masks to hide their real selves and how you should be punished for who you are (For instance, people who expose shit in the workplace – who are “whistleblowers” – get constantly berated for exposing shit and going against the grain and not “going with the flow” – like everybody else! Just imagine we get persecuted or in my case, prosecuted for going against the grain, like authenticity is a bad thing! You see how fucked up our world is? I feel like the dude from the 1980’s film, “Network” in which after he exposed the truth:

People clapped and cheered then went back to their dead existence, just like the way he said it (cause there was life and energy in his speech) without synthesizing his words. In other words, they were dead inside and it was how he said his message – NOT WHAT HE SAID – that excited them!

I was NEVER meant to belong to such a world! I was meant in many ways to live life on the fringes and not participate in it’s institutions, but to see past it and teach those with eyes to see and ears to hear what’s going on cause what I got to say ain’t for everybody! I wouldn’t wanna be for “everybody.” Most people are walking deads to me – they have no life and thus are not ready for my knowledge! I accept this and I accept that I will be persecuted and demonized (that’s why I have a strong mental constitution) and EVEN PROSECUTED! I accepted this before I came into the world! I’ve always known my life was never easy! It was never easy and even as a small child I knew my adult years WOULD NOT BE EASY! In so many ways, I take a risk by being honest in a world of FAKES!

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That said, my life – esp. now – is FULL OF BS but the one thing I have to cling to is at least I am authentic and don’t deny me!


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