Visions of Beautiful Malibu: Staring Off Into A BEAUTIFUL Sunset

– Screenshot taken from the video you about to see below…

As you all know, I have a veritable COMPULSION to take pics out in Malibu: I just can’t help it!! Anyways, here are those pics featured with a BEAUTIFUL video of Malibu at sunset AND at night (tho. much could not be seen with that NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LIGHTENED IT):

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Here are some BEAUTIFUL PICTURES (Perhaps the most beautiful!)!!!

Here’s some more for you ALL TO ENJOY!!! TAKE CARE!

– There are, approximately 66 PICS IN THAT GALLERY THERE, SMDH, LOL!

Now here is that homeless dude’s camp who I talked about here last week:

– The number of pics here is “11”: Funny, I’ve been seeing “66” and “11” COMBINED ALLL DAY!!!!

Here some ugly ass edifices:


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