Los Angeles Sheriff’s Demons Tell Me I Can’t Wear Spiritual Protective Jewelry In Court

I’m not surprised. Watch these videos. In one of em – I believe her name was “Dominguez” – I heard her cussing, at one point I heard her call me the “n word”, talking shit about me all because of those protective stones and at one point she picked it up and then dropped the black tourmaline with disdain as if her demonic ass was offended by their very presence! That’s why I wear em; they stay EXPOSING DEMONS AND PROTECTING ME FROM THEM AS WELL AND THEY DID A GREAT JOB! The LASD security Dominguez – whom I’ve brought those similar stones before – never made a big deal and so it sounds like something working against me was using her to go after me. At one point I swear she looked like she was talking in tongues and was possessed regarding the way she spoke, etc. IT’S CRAZY HOW THEY OVERREACTED I mean after all I KNOW they got people who come in with pointier jewelry all the time then mine but THEY DON’T WILD OUT ON ME LIKE THIS!!! Something spiritual was gunning for me today and was trying but missed…

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One of the deputies here is a CLONE with a demonic, non human, “alien” spirit in him who – like the aliens of Zeta Reticuli – are robotoid, organic clones designed to do whoever he serves (the illuminati’s) bidding. I came across something similar at the artist loft here (note the the big black half dressed girl in the front – Zoe Elizabeth Jennings – with the golden reflective eyes – that us not normal and though she doesn’t look it she takes a lot of meth which I have proof of via screenshots and because she is not human it doesn’t affect her so…):

No, they ain’t…

Now here are the deputies (the female one tried to compsre it to the yamulke and say that that is appropriate but mines ain’t even though it’s two different – not really if you read Qabbalah (Kabbalah) – spiritual systems!

Now, after driving away from the courthouse, I nearly got into a wreck and witnessed a wreck along with a smoking tire (the person who ended up taking the spiritual hit by getting into a wreck I believe for me was in front of me).


Funny thing is while driving and coming across a bump my jewelry here was STILL INTACT:

This is why IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT FOR ME AS A TRULY SPIRITUAL PERSON TO HAVE THESE JEWELS ON ME CAUSE HADN’T I HAD IT WHO KNOWS WHAT KIBDA SPIRITUAL CALAMITY (THESE COURTHOUSES ARE AFFLICTED WITH DEMONS) THAT COULD OF BEFALLEN ME AND CAUSED ME HARDSHIP ONCE I GOT OUT! This is more than a “Freedom of Religion” 1st amendment issue but a spiritual one as well cause those demons were lining up against me and hadn’t I had my JEWELRY (those demons tend to call em “rocks” to put em down and deny the value therefore) TO PROTECT, WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULDA HAPPENED! For them to raise hell over some “rocks” that are aa sharp as my keys – which they let me keep – and in some cases less sharp, shows how much the demons (and the demons working through em) are offended by em because something in em exposes shit in em and pulls it out of em meaning the jewelry’s doing it’s job which is why they didn’t want me wearing it!

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