I think it is a lot worse, not to say rape is not bad enough:

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That said, what happened was I saw that young man traversing back and forth and back and forth and next thing I knew he was on my lawn. Before THAT, he nearly rolled up on me from behind while I was walking and next thing I knew, he was not far behind and out of the blue he moved away from behind me, said that he was “sorry,” and that is when I looked back and noted how he rode in the middle of the street and then after that is when he was traversing back and forth NEAR ME till he ended up on my front lawn after I went inside and came back out to see him there. I am PROUD with how I handled it which you can see in the video up above. However, I must say I think this is all something much bigger than that…

You may call me crazy but all this year I have been having a spiritual “awakening” of sorts where I am coming in contact with, seeing and sometimes to some extent interacting with what I can only refer to and call “interdimensional entities.” You can read about only a PARCEL of these encounters here. You can also read more about my self discovery here. For instance, every time I report on them, post pics of and show these things and expose them to the public, something goes wrong. My computer may malfunction or act weird for instance when I try to post these experiences online. In another, I had this encounter with this snake sounding entity while WIDE AWAKE. I placed a stone you see here:

20150913_110906…On my heart chakra and next thing I knew I saw a burst of light in the kitchen accompanied by a loud, snake like “roar” hissing sound as I can only describe it ALL WHILE WIDE AWAKE. Then, early the next morning, while coming out of a hypnagogic state, I was out of body partially and I noticed this entity that looked like this:20150913_124710


…With a black leather strap down the middle of it’s face and a hole in which only one eye appeared with cable wires sticking out the back of it’s head, making it look and appear to be hair (??) appear on the side of my bed with this pen like device in it’s hand making a sound similar to what is used to run bugs away or a car alarm. I awoke from it feeling, if this makes any sense, “a level above human.” My face has also become swollen but not hurting or if this makes sense, rounder!

That said, a few days back I had a weird experience in which one night I kept having “something” try to induce me out of my body. While in the hypnagogic state, I heard that same, snake monstrous sound I heard before at one point which, after I asked for help from the Lyrans, Pleiadians, I heard a loud, panther growl as best as I can describe it. This interdimensional war over me continued for a good long period of time in which I am guessing the “evil” entities tried to pull me from my body throughout the whole night (I could NOT get any sleep) and then in another I heard some entities outside my window, taunting me, and then following that I heard a female black sounding voice say, “BRING HER TO ME,” while outside! When I got back into my body after cussing those things out and “awoke”, I heard that same alarm sound that that one eyed entity I spoke of before making with the pen like device in it’s hand and it sounded faint as if leaking from another dimension. In another instance, one day, I believe it was on Labor Day, I meditated earlier that night and then when I awoke in the night/ early morning hours I saw my apartment, the front of it colored in RED while WIDE AWAKE with with I can only describe as these red colored “billboard lights” that I have seen before – interdimensionally – posted to the left of my apartment at the front by the window! I called out my mother’s name out of fear. In another instance, while listening to 13signsastrology on youtube recently (these things ALWAYS turn up when listening to him), I saw what can only appear to be a triangle which I saw appear at the front – again by the WINDOW – of my apartment. After 5 minutes, it vanished.

I am saying this to say that something sent that dude to me. He didn’t just appear from out of “nowhere” and he would have attacked me if that were the case. I have been exposing in particular lately these serpents, esp. the one I spoke of here that sits outside my window at night going shush or what may be how IT hisses (from what I have been hearing recently it is now making these open mouthed, monstrous sounds, hissing while making what I can only describe as a “shushing” sound which may be how it hisses), reptilians so I have noticed the “attacks” in many ways stepping up. I know if this guy was really gonna do something, HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT! This reminds me of how when I would “pray” while working in the sex industry for a client to come if things got slow, I noticed I would get a call and next thing I knew the guy would come in and when I asked why he came, he would say, “SOMETHING TOLD HIM.” So I believe SOMETHING sent him and now as I type it seems like my hearing went out slightly and on top of that my computer fucking froze for a brief sec.



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