Sexual Harassment by L.A. City Construction Subcontractors

These guys here:

Charles Swift
He works for Charles Swift Construction company
Flatiron Construction
He works for Flatiron Construction (there is the picture of him HARASSING me in the lower bottom).
Griffith Co Construction Worker
He works for Griffith Co. He was the one making monkey sounds…

…have the rape mentality What do I mean? Well, when you go to watch the tape:  

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you will hear them say such things as, “Well, you are bringing attention to yourself (for being BARELY topless on a hot summer day, wearing PASTIES I might add)”, or as another said, “You ain’t respecting yourself” – using that as a PETUS to disrespect me, also for all those familiar with the “rape mentality”, it is used by some sordid low down dirty mofos to effect rape victim blame by saying the person who they attacked had a hand, a responsibility in it for what they wore, how they looked, and so thus the actor (of that rape) bears no responsibility as he could not help himself all because of the feminist wiles – whether she was deliberately tempting him or not, in his mind’s eye, womyn are ALWAYS tempting him – regardless of the consent of the womyn involved. I also had one threw in some intersection of racism and sexism by assuming that because I was a crazy, lowly black womyn – in his eyes – that meant that I was not deserving of respect and so thus not entitled to it…until I put the tape on their asses and let them know that I was filming, which is exactly what I did (this is what more victims of street harassment/ sexual harassment need to do when confronted by their attackers; tape HIS ASS AND THEN GET HIM FIRED FROM HIS JOB which is what MORE OF US NEED TO DO).   Anyways, alot of this shows an intersection of rape culture based on perceived gender as well as race and class (to some extent) in that they saw me and assumed that because I was unshaven (hairy armpits), black, with a full head of beautiful, kinky curly hair and walking around (barely) topless I should say, that that gave them the right to harass and attack me the way they did. There were plenty of topless men running around that day – why not harass them or is it because they feel entitled to do that because they felt that I was a small little womyn who would not fight back (I did!). When I did fight back (because of perceived gender stereotypes about how womyn react in situations like this – I tend to fight) they automatically assumed that, because of my “nappy hair” (going back to race) as well as walking around almost literally buck naked (a social taboo in our society for womyn to do because of perceived gender differences and norms construed about our bodies as well as moral assumptions about how we should act placed upon us by a patriarchist society) they “assumed” that I was crazy and acting out of social norms anyways and so they didn’t have to take me seriously until I came back around calling out the names of the respective companies they work for…letting them know that their jobs are now on the line and that they had NO RIGHT to act the way they did and so now their will be social and financial consequences for their actions.     When I went home, later in the day, to rest my head, I couldn’t help but think and wonder what – though I know why – spawned them to act tthat way, do the things they did and why they acted that way towards me but, alas, I know why.   As I stated in earlier blogs, alot of these – these notions of patriarchal control over womyn’s bodies – comes from  European culture, way before they set sail from the confines of Europe in search of conquering some colored people land and valuables to booth. The white men knew that he would be facing genetic annihilation once he did this (though his greed would not stop him from conquesting OUR lands, including America along with Africa) so, before he set sail, he created a hierarchy of morals for which white womyn – but not white men – were forced to abide by so he can control “his” womyn for HIS reproductive benefit/ pleasure (while plundering the non-consensual – what is know as rape – booty of indigenous, darker womyn of other lands…) – by telling her, the white womyn, that in order for her NOT to become “otherized”, she could not: act like a whore ie sleep around “like a man” and that she could not be a slut and sleep around, even for free! These things he came up with where designed to put the white womyn in a “gilded cage” so to speak while the white man was free to rape, plunder and do whatever he wanted while using christianity (the real chistianity got washed away back in the 300’s C.E. during the Council of Nicea) to project and then edify these whore virgin complex mores, just as he did with slavery (by using the story of Cain to justify taking and raping slave womyn and men into forced custody), into law in many cases… White Woman on Pedastal   Thus, as a result, the white male mentality towards sex and his misogynistic attitudes womyn started to take root in the men of the countries and lands he conquered, which can especially be seen nowadays to inflict black males, such as this gentleman below me: And him… (Those are Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed, respectively, who are known for hating black womyn, in particular Mr. Tariq Nasheed in the so called “afrocentrist conscience community” while conveniently leaving out the 1 half ie black womyn as well as gays – so much gay bashing in that “community” amongst other things). And other types who blame black womyn for EVERYTHING (meanwhile google has no problems keeping his hate speech up but as I have proven in the past and will [prove again in the future] Google has a vendetta against blacks and particularly black womyn speaking out against injustices taking place against us, which is why all my channels get shut down, meanwhile, the man mentioned here: his channel, stays UP!). You also see this virulently taking place in Latin American countries where, amongst the natives, rape was an unknown word and respect for the mother was held in high esteem, which brings me back to these three: Charles Swift Flatiron Construction Griffith Co Construction Worker    

People like this keep the rape mentality alive in our culture. BECAUSE of people like this, womyn are not free to walk down the street because THEY have decided to use your dress, your looks, as a point of harassment, to justify their antagonistically taking YOUR peace against YOUR WILL for their reproductive benefit. So thus, they take away womyn’s rights every time we walk down the street, our right to be at peace and be seen and treated as a person, as a human being by them. Because of this, THEIR behavior – not because of what I choose (or choose NOT to wear), they make it hard for their very own mothers to walk down the street – you know, the womyn who “bore them”, and I wonder how these miscreants feel about that?

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