Walmart Discriminates Against Topless Female but Lets Topless Male In and Torrance Police Called

This occurred at the Walmart in Torrance at: 22015 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503. Phone number (310) 750-0179

This one was EXTREMELY traumatic to go through; extremely! Despite the civil rights of act of 1964 saying that you can’t “treat people differently on the basis of race, GENDER, etc.” this STILL happens.

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This is why my next game plan of action is to change the law whereas, you can NOT discriminate against a topless womyn for being topless just as “lacktivists” have made it so that you can’t discriminate against breastfeeding womyn breastfeeding in public. I think this monumental change will bring about a great effect where as more laws will become more receptacle and prudent towards respecting the rights of womyn, which will be the FIRST step in bringing down whore virgin complex patriarchal mores and values that control womyn’s bodies! I also found it interesting that the “lady” in the video commented on how Walmart is “family oriented”, nevermind how they use underage labor in less developed, so called poorer nations, nevermind that Easter also falls under Adolf Hitler’s birthday as well as the anniversary of the of Columbine tragedy! So so much for saying that Walmart and Easter are “family oriented” and that I was breaking moral rules – and ground – by going in there “topless” which has never harmed anybody – as a matter of fact, it is my breasts that gives kid “life” and not kill kids like the aforementioned child labor that Walmart partakes in along with Hitler’s birthday and Columbine’s anniversary, which so just happen to “fall” under the same day as the so called family oriented “Easter Holiday” which they also cited as reasons to not let my life baring breasts go in for being “lewd”. 

I would also like to extend the time to thank the Torrance police for respecting my right to be topless in public. Torrance PDThank you! Unlike the more animalistic  (and, beyond mere coincidence, predominantly black) Inglewood pd who threatened to LOCK ME UP for being topless, this supposedly “racist” police organization recognized my RIGHT to be topless in public. Bravo, Torrance PD and thankfully your community that you serve has a GREAT PD in you! Thank you guys, thank you!

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  1. My mother who grew up in the segregated south during the 50s, said it was not uncommon for black women ( not white) to have their breasts out in public. Most of the time they’d be breast feeding. I remember going to people’s houses, and the woman of the house, who was African American changing her shirt in front of me and barring her breast. Remember when they’d show documentaries of African women fully nude? Now they blur that nudity out. I am just making an observation. But back then, people did not respect the sexuality of black women. Therefore no one cared if a black woman showed her breast in public or was fully nude on television.

    1. That’s white reptilian people with that sickness for fetishizing the human body. There is a guy called 13signsastrology and he talks about melanin theory and how whites were created as an “inferior vehicle for which melanin beings to occupy while here” – but I have to wonder why do we exist in the 3D realm. The rabbit hole runs deep but whites area BIG PART of the problems in our society and they need to acknowledge that before the human species can move on. They call it “racist” because no pone wants to atone for atrocities they caused! That is why i don’t deal with em beyond a mere superficial basis – unless it’s getting money – and that’s why I encourage women of color to reject the white woman’s feminist movement as that was never needed in the black community cause it was the reptilian who passed it on to the white man who created all these divisions based on gender, etc. THAT AND THE SO CALLED “MEN’S” IE MISOGYNIST RIGHTS MOVEMENT ARE THERE ISSUES AND WHITES AREA A BIG PART OF PUSHING THE REPTILIAN AGENDA. Not all – there are those awake – Christopher Archer on youtube is one – but most and many people have hiveminds. As I said, look up clones, robotoids, it runs deep!

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