Exposing Artie Bigley and Other Government Trolls in the Top Free Movement

I did a youtube video on this a while ago and feel the need to reiterate it again:

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This is a good video, basically exposing certain elements in the topfree movement who I believe to be GOVERNMENT AGENTS! This is very important that I expose em cause of why? Well, it’s because, just as they did with John Africa in the 1980’s or the Black Panthers, the feminist movement or any other progressive movement back in the day, these people come in and DESTROY right out from under just as they do with any other progressive movement by inciting or rather embedding insurgents in who go in and falsely infiltrate a group, an org pretending to be sincere – but in this case – he let the “cat out of the bag” so to speak by releasing his REAL intentions later on and revealing himself to be the true perv and real usurper that he is! Anyways, this video documents it, in cold blood. I will post a link to the article in which I mentioned below and you can SEE FOR YOURSELF exactly WHAT – not who – you are dealing with!


Link to shortwave America’s blog: http://shortwaveamerica.blogspot.com/2011/08/artie-bigley-crystal-ship-and-wbny-poet.html

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