Woman Runs Around Naked In MacArthur Park In Westlake Los Angeles LAPD Called

I took this a longggg, long time ago, March 23, 2012 to be exact.   I remember the day like it was yesterday. Now, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, there are no laws on the books against public nudity, either…but you won’t be seeing me running around MacArthur Park or Hauser Blvd fully nude, too. […]

The White Man Is Why Female Toplessness Is Illegal

Watch this video here:   This is why we have rape victim blame, slut shaming and all these patriarchal attitudes in our culture: CAUSE OF THE WHITE MAN! Yeah, that’s right! I said IT! At the end, they are responsible for this, for sexualizing the female body, namely started in the name and pursuit of […]

Undercover Cop Across the Street From Me?

This was taken a while ago, last week to be precise, in which I spotted what appeared to be a cholo dressed in all black clothes…   Or was he?   I kinda suspected that he is an undercover cop. Why? It is because undercover cops speak with articulation, are intelligent (not saying cholos can […]

Second Incident of Harassment by Officer Goldberg After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD

  I noticed that, right after the Bank of America incident, which you can see right here, I have had a second encounter with the LAPD in which numerous times the PD officer on the scene, Officer Goldberg (badge No. 36672) told me that: 1) They showed up for a naked lady (nasty ass) 2) […]

Bank of America Discriminates Against Topless Female and LAPD Called and the Unruh Act

Okay, see this shit I have talked about long before in the past and will continue to talk about NOW:   This is all about rape, rape victim blame and male domination of womyn’s and other femail’s (little girls) bodies for men’s reproductive benefit! As one of the male misogynist cops in this video expressed […]

All These Topless Men Walking Around and LAPD Ain’t Doing A Damn THING

Look at all these topless men in this video walking around, with THEIR nipples exposed and the LAPD helicopter (which wasn’t even supposed to be there) then showed up only when I was topless….   It’s this type of treatment that keeps RAPE CULTURE ALIVE: THE UNCONSENSUAL SEXUALIZATION AND SO THUS AUTOMATIC OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMYN’S […]

Sexually Harassed By Two Spic-And-Spans While Driving Topless

The other day, you see these two wetback ass mofos here:   Anyways, basically on a serious note I deliver my monologue about rape culture and why men fear and are intimidated by the breasts: the very things that nourished them when they were young!

My Take on Street Harassment Being Topless and Female In Public

Alright, here’s my motherfucking take on this shit…   Alright, here is the problem with cat calling…when I was doing my “topless protest“, they had a NEGROID who dared, attempted to tell me that he doesn’t like my underarm hair but the rest is okay. I told that black bitch, “I WOULDN’T FUCK YOUR BLACK […]

Ain’t This Some BS: LAPD Lets Crazy Man Be Topless But Arrests Topless Women

Look at this shit right here: LAPD let this man directly across the street from them be topless, but not I…. Ain’t that some bs and a gender based, slut shaming SHAME!

Possible Rapist LAPD Cop Richey Sexually Harasses Topless Woman in Hollywood, CA

Here is the image of Officer Richey, possible SEXUAL PREDATOR, leering down at my breasts while stopping me, saying it is “offensive” what I did but he is not being offensive for STARING AT MY BREASTS, which is what you can see in the picture down below:  All these bitches ought to be LOCKED UP […]