My Take on Street Harassment Being Topless and Female In Public

Alright, here’s my motherfucking take on this shit…  

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Alright, here is the problem with cat calling…when I was doing my “topless protest“, they had a NEGROID who dared, attempted to tell me that he doesn’t like my underarm hair but the rest is okay. I told that black bitch, “I WOULDN’T FUCK YOUR BLACK ASS IF YOU PAID ME! I’D FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE – INCLUDING KLAN MEMBERS – BEFORE I FUCK YOUR BLACK ASS. I LIKE WHITE MEN – your skin color is a problem for me, so…FUCK OFF!!“ The nigga did but suffice it to say, the problem with street harassment is, it isn’t a mere, “compliment“, it places a womyn’s value on her looks instead of her persona, which is what society is telling her everytime they make undue comments about her looks…On top of it,, in the same coin that they call you, “cute,“ when THEY LIKE YOU, THEY CAN ALSO MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR LOOKS – as the negroid in the story earlier did to me since they view womyn as nothing extensions of what they want sexually, and nothing more…   Basically, cat calling is all about and street harassment AND violence against womyn in general, period all goes back to the desire of men to want to control creation by controlling our wombs “for us” through these falsfied morals such as telling a womyn not to act like a slut, etc. so that they can claim YOU and your body for their reproductive benefit. That is what it is all about. Think about it: The act of rape itself is designed to cause violence to the vagina, the very “hole”. or as they say, “cunt”, they come out of,,,

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