I get a STRONG SENSE that something is about to happen because – since I quit the copwatching (even though these mofos are inadvertently PUSHING ME BACK cause they fucking with me and all…) – THEY NEVER REALLY PULL ME OVER!!! They never really fucked with me like that.

Note how strange he said, “As long as you got something with your picture on it” (A friend of mines noted that he has a “murky black aura”.):

And then said something about not being able check my license and that if he woulda run it it was to make sure it didn’t come back “suspended” – and this is in a city where they let ILLEGALS run around with that shit!

A tarot reader along with myself threw cards and we both saw disaster coming – She saw the 8 of Swords and I, the Tower for next month (November)! I wonder WHAT THE FUCK the police got brewing for me in store…

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