Vic Lynxton of Wants to KILL WOMEN

Look at this shit here taken from #realzero ‘s instagram which you can see here:   Need I say more??! Here is his instagram: Now, I did an article on him a while back which you can read here: and here: in which he voraciously and vociferously HARASSED ME for being black and natural haired as well as a strong woman on top of all of this, which you can see here: He even went so far as to COME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND DROP THIS FLIER WHICH YOU CAN SEE BELOW: HE THREATENED ME AS YOU

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DO NOT DEAL WITH CROWNCAMS.COM! I want you to read these messages down below: They came from a “Vic Lynxton”, who, when I googled the name, all this came back up: ‘s address is 6230 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 and their number is: 323-977-8009 Here are vic lynxton’s links: Here is vic lynxton’s youtube: Also, to note, I am doing ALOT BETTER in the Alexa ratings and I am not even a porn site: Here are the Alexa ratings:         Basically, in effect this person feels that black men are so lowly

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Dr Fluegel Chiropractic Associates of Beverly Hills Attempted to Pat Down Woman Illegally For Drug Test

Since Google wants to take my blog posts down, I’LL PUT THEM BACK UP HERE WHERE THEY CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT EM!   Here is what happened. I don’t believe in staying silent and the misogynist folks at Google want me too so FUCK EM and here is what happened based on a letter I wrote to the State Chiropractic Board of California on Monday 6, 2012 at around 12:34pm (I wish I had my camera phone the so I could have taken pics and video of this): “On Monday 6, 2012, at around 12:34pm, I went to Donald R.

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