Dr Fluegel Chiropractic Associates of Beverly Hills Attempted to Pat Down Woman Illegally For Drug Test

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Dr Fluegel Sex Predator BITCH
This is the bald headed BITCH who attempted to DO THAT SHIT TO ME!


Here is what happened. I don’t believe in staying silent and the misogynist folks at Google want me too so FUCK EM and here is what happened based on a letter I wrote to the State Chiropractic Board of California on Monday 6, 2012 at around 12:34pm (I wish I had my camera phone the so I could have taken pics and video of this):

“On Monday 6, 2012, at around 12:34pm, I went to Donald R. Fluegal’s office at 6333 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 301, Los Angeles, CA 90048 to do a urine drug test. When it was my turn to take the test, I was ushered into a room at the corner of the office where Dr. Fluegel, a male, told me that he had to “pat me down.” I was shocked by this as no man, unless a police officer and even then they request for a female officer to do it, is supposed to pat you down. I then requested a female to do it in which at that point he called for his receptionist, a female, to perform it. Due to time constraints, I submitted to the “pat down”. The receptionist then “pinched” my clothing and used the front part of her hand ie the palm side of her hand to do a light pat on my buttocks/ rear area instead of the back side of the hand. From my experience as a former security guard for a major port city, the way a pat down is supposed to be conducted is by using the back side of your hand, not the palm of your hands to do it. Afterward, the receptionist then said something that I find compellingly interesting. Following the “pat down”, she said, “You were supposed to do it yourself,” referring to me. The male chiropractor then told me that, “He could have followed me into the restroom to watch me do it.”

Afterward, I requested a copy of their procedures and protocols and it mentions that they do do pat downs, but not once do they specify in it that it is supposed to be performed by the same sex, which would be responsible and appropriate if it did.

I left and I honestly felt violated by the whole episode and extremely disturbed by it so much so that I spoke to a police officer about it. The police officer said that it didn’t sound right and he informed that had Fluegel, a male, touched me ie did the “pat down”, it would have automatically become a criminal investigation.

I then came back later on, at around 5:45pm, to retrieve the results of the test, which came back negative. When I walked in, I noticed after that encounter that Fluegel was uncomfortable with having me there because as soon as I walked in, he said, “Goodbye”, looking dead at me, while ushering a client of his to a private room. I then asked the receptionist further about the pat down policy while I advised her that they should only do “same sex pat downs” if they are going to do them, to which she replied, “Oh, we try to do same sex if we can.” I was able to record that on tape.

What disturbs me is that Fluegel told me that he had to pat me down initially and a woman who didn’t know any better would have submitted. I feel that based on this experience this incident definitely warrants an investigation. My name is Raven Williams and I can be reached (info redacted).”

There was another young lady who complained about his bald headed ass here as can be seen in the screenshots below:

Here are her reviews:

Dr Fluegel Sex Pervert Review 1 Dr Fluegel Sex Pervert Review 2

Dr Fluegel Sex Pervert











Dr Fluegel Sex Pervert 2










He's full of shit!
He’s full of shit!

Ladies, I suggest you don’t go to this SICK PERVERTED BASTARD! Here is his address here:

6333 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 301, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 852-0202

His new number is here – 323-852-0202

Under Anti-slapp law, you havethe RIGHT to speak on yoru experiences!

Ladies or gents (who knows how this SICK FUCK operates!) if you have been bothered or molested by this sick fuck in ANY WAY, please contact me via [email protected]. Thank you!

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