Path Towards Light And Deception June 9, 2022

Path Towards Light And Deception June 9, 2022

Imma say this:

I stopped doing tarot reading due to the curse, namely because of some jealous wetback or crakkka who supposedly paid then ordered her roach attachments to declare that I am to no longer do readings out of jealousy due to my accuracy (because I was under this curse at the time going back to 2014 – I remember when I got warnings and malicious messages of evil spirits being around me right when my blessings were supposed to come, but instead I got curses cause of this evil shit I did not consent to), I got fucked with bad so I stopped.

Now I decided that no one will stop my stride.

I saw some pretty interesting shit in the cards plus I got alot of interesting things to say.

Here is my channel.

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