Usher And The Roach Attachment Curse That Afflicted Me

Usher And The Roach Attachment Curse That Afflicted Me

That being said, after being under an extreme curse which I have nearly lost my life, I believe I did 4 weeks ago to an entity attachment connected to a Mikey Hernandez who you can see here:

I saw what seemed to be a person which turned out to be an entity (me and my spirit guides called it out – they didn’t like him and wanted him gone from the start – and it was this bald headed entity here named Alex Nacimento along with a Raziel – either my or someone named “Sandifer” off the PCH – I believe he was one of the people who put the curse on me – who invited him in) who seemed angelic (but I sensed energy vampire – you can use 451 or 452 hz (anything ending in “2” allows you to get your shit back – you can add it at the end of a number to get your shit back) and he was, from the start, taking over an angelic spirit guide, consuming her almost into nonexistence, with both anti angel and anti demonic sigils initially working.

I saw him at two bus stops in a short span of time, denoting as my own spirit guides saw an entity as he is not bound by the normal rules over time and space. I was at one bus stop and when I got on the bus I did not see him on and then, interestingly and inexplicably, I saw him posted at the bus stop here on Manchester and Figueroa with a glazed look in his eyes and wide open mouth and wearing a white tank top with “Indian” on top of his forehead:

It’s a racist, black hating, parasitic entity (I heard it was messing with black folks in and around South Central) that kept trying to kill me in my sleep and I believe it did 4 weeks ago (when I saw driving cars passing by I saw folks with blank white mask over their face denoting “death”, a guy driving by playing an Aztec death whistle, and Aztec masks superimposed on folks’ faces and in some cases, folks driving while asleep).

That said I heard I got sacrificed to a Santa Muerte or Quetzalcoatl or Huītzilōpōchtli.

That said some people, from what I understand an old blonde haired lady and her highest self (from what I understand she was a black hating Messycan in her past life), and some of the other folks there sent this evil mofo to me to kill me in my sleep and sacrifice me.

Here is their location:

The San Miguel Botanica on 8704 Broadway St in South Central, LA


I saw it attaching to my poor dad, my spirit guides at one point:

I saw Huītzilōpōchtli attached.

That said I have used 8127 hz and 432 hz to fight it – which worked for a minute – and nothing works.

It seems to be using or is comprised of chili powder and gun powder in the astral realm making this sadistic sonofabitch hard to remove.

Anyways I heard it is connected to Mikey Hernandez’s uncle who is an art gallery owner in NY. Honestly I think – based on reports I got in the astral and what I have suspected and sensed to be the truth – I heard a guy who works here, bald headed stoic guy, is his uncle, it could be at the DUI class I used to attend in the valley here:

7120 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
Canoga Park, CA 91303

+1 818-992-0460

I heard one of these things early victims at the hands of Mikey Hernandez is a Jeff Bollinger supposedly from another timeline.

That said, I have used 8127 hz, 432 hz and all sorts of hz on this entity and nothing works. So if anyone can help me deal with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

That said, let’s look at Usher and his eyes.

Same shit I got: sunken in eyes, almost “delirious” speech where you’re speaking all over the place and you kinda – cause your kind is – all over the place:

Here are his eyes:

That said based on what I have seen in the spirit world I have reason to believe that it is this entity attachment here named Alex Nacimento, a parasitic roach attachment who feeds on folks’ consciousness (he was fucking with folks around here in South Central and anyone trying to help me out) who then kills the person and brings them to a hell realm in their consciousness or transfers them (which is usually the case) to the hell realm of the people who “work” with him as I seen them do this Mexican years ago:

This is how he looks.

When you see sunken eyes on a person and engaging in wanton behaviour seemingly driven by urges that are almost beyond your control like when this curse first hit in 2016 full course (they actually attacked me in 2014 especially after they visited me in the astral plane and I said “no” to a Soul contract, awakening with third eye bleeding, which I now know denotes me waking to being accessible to their roach realm

That said sunken eyes, disheveled eyes and crazy behaviour that’s possessed are often times signs of roach attachment possession from my experience, which is latent.

I did a number of videos on it:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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