Re-Introducing My “Soulled Collective” Tarot Readings

Re-Introducing My “Soulled Collective” Tarot Readings

Whoa…. in the pic here it looks like Sekhmet holding up the Divine Feminine fiery half of the Ying and Yang, in a tired, haggard state while fighting Gooru, a fiery evil entity and toxic masculine incarnate spirit which I know to be from experience:

….With a woman in a shawl who and medieval attire who is throwing laser beams at Sekhmet to destroy her as well which I take to be Barbara Reina as well as David Reina:

I also see a woman praising nature here if you look at it from a distance:

I am going to be doing them on my “Raven Williams The God” channel which you can visit here:

Did one on Thanksgiving, today, noting my, the Divine Feminine’s defeat over the Gooru entity which represents patriarchal control:

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

Told ya’ll!

I am still offering tarot reading services on Etsy (and black magic services 😉) so give a holler if you want one or both!

I also do private readings which you can request at [email protected] which are just $25 for 1 hr and $50 for 2 hours.

Anyways look forward to meeting with ya and looking forward to ya booking me!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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