POS Asshole Admits I Was Raped

POS Asshole Admits I Was Raped

Just last night right outside my window I heard two folks discussing someone being videoed and raped (Use earbuds to closely hear):

I will later on reduce the background noise so you all can hear.

And this sick fuck here, this crackhead:

Who is the same one who I recorded here raping a young man:

Told me that he was “sorry” for placing my hand on his dick (I am guessing while I was knocked out cold asleep). Here is me confronting him:

I’ve been hearing him boast about it all this week.

If I didn’t have a felony on my record I’d fuck his ass up. You have no idea.

Here is the organizer from what I can tell of those rape parties:

Note he wearing a staff jacket:

I talked about why I got targeted here:

Most women who are in their drug circles from what I understand get attacked.

See that guy with the staff shirt up there: I could hear his ass throwing firecrackers at one woman who I am guessing and hoping agreed to it.

You have women who – in exchange for drugs – concur to be mistreated by them pieces of shit. I have heard a many times women screaming on the third floor in agony. This poor lady hears em every night and the manor responds by sedating her with psychotropic drugs:

That’s how shit gets swept!

That said in my case it was because of my preference for white men I got targeted by the niggers (cause they aren’t black) here. Most women not in their circle get targeted for their “innocence” which is sick wheh you ruminate on it.

I talk more on the rape here:

Exposing The Rape Parties At The Manor On 1905 Pico Blvd

The pos here (cause there are no men here) are extremely misogynistic like this one here:

He was the one who made the “filthy niggers” comment while talking to the young lady who got raped by the nasty nigger here:

My spirits were telling me those filthy niggers were taking my body and saying that it was a “black only affair”…….

This the nigger who did it:

Anyways in the astralscape I saw that he and another guy who lambasted me for calling out a nasty motherfucker who was eyeing me like a hawk when I was in the park, meditating, were trying to change my consciousness so that I would be “sweeter”, more conducive to the bullshit rape parties they run.

That said you can hear – if you listen closely – to more murmurs of rape here:

That said I am glad that I was finally moved from where I was at. It took the police to come before I was finally removed:

This guy here was actually encouraging folks one night to come in and do something to me inside my former room when I was dancing along to a song:

It’s that old “We can’t have her so we will attack her cause she is strong and so this way we can take her pride” the animalistic pos’s (not men have as a mentality.

That said, I am still healing from the realization of it all, which hit me like a ton of bricks when I first awoke. I couldn’t believe it!

When I hear these pos mention Mount And Dew, such as this pos who participates in the rape parties here:

– I recall one night after I called the police he passed by saying, “You’re gonna regret it”…..

It kills me how these animals here think it’s a joke to take someone’s body, their free will and that’s how they see it: a joke. Rape is a joke to them with innuendos to be seen as candor. It is mundane to the animals here, a part of life and not a violation of someone’s free will, their body.

This gotta be the sickest mentality I have EVER encountered.

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