Need Desperate Help Removing Entity Attachments In My Mind

Need Desperate Help Removing Entity Attachments In My Mind

This bytch’s plot right here:

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

Was to make me smell (so I can’t move even into a homeless shelter) and then make me crazy by bringing in entity attachments into my head so that I’ll go crazy and be on the streets.

I mean this is insane the amount of energy this person, Barbara Reina, is expending trying to destroy me and my life so she can steal my identity.

The astral parasites she placed in me are even threatening to kill me if I remove them. They wanna feed off of me – and slowly kill me – till I die. I don’t know how to get rid of em.

I been trying. I can feel the roach entity attachments, parasites crawling in my head. Can somebody please help me and show me the way of how to be rid of em. Thank you!

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