Barbara Reina Gotta Go

Barbara Reina Gotta Go

She look just. like this poor child here:

She ALWAYS from what her own spirits told me frequents this food truck on the PCH:

This bitch gotta die and Imma tell ya why.

I learned early this morning from one of her “astral parasites” that she was an earlier victim of this jealous ass neo nazi war-shipping ass racist ass bitch.

She got this child placed in her realm where she and an entity attachment called “Baron Samedi the roach attachment” (cause she sees blacks as roaches) where she got this child – and a pretty biracial girl named Eden – in a toilet where she shits and pisses on em daily.

She plans on doing it to me and my mother cause from what I understand she wants to “dominate strong black women.”

That said, this bitch been ‘wokeing my mother, my family who ain’t never dun anything to her except out of jealousy cause her cave ape ass came from an unstable home where her ole cave ape ass daddy (when I saw her ancestors fuckers were wearing nothing but dirty ass loin clothes, looking like something straight from the caucaus caves of Europe.

I’m hearing this cowardly bitch – who feels entitled to harass and do psychic attacks against innocent people but yet will threaten you for coming after them and theirs – done teleported her Soul into my mom’s so folks can target her in the astral plane – I don’t know how true this is but go by energy signature. Trying to cause them – innocent folks who ain’t done shit to em – their jobs by using entity machines to place awful smells, in one case placing my dad’s head in a monstrous worm in the astral plane as seen here:

….Just cause she envious.

Sometimes I hear this crakkka bitch threatening me not to come to the PCH with my breasts out yet, from her own spirits, I am finding out that she herself just went to the PCH recently with her breasts out.

I’m learning that she is extremely envious of me and strong black women in general and is doing this steal your consciousness so she could steal my birthright and blessings and become me – a melanated being – something she been wanting to “conquer” and be for a looong time.

She currently is using the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and my ancestors by placing them in spirit jars.

A bunch of people, innocent people, are being held captive in spirit jars are hell realms such as roach motels to be used as batteries by them in the astral.

You can see me looking like her here:

My appearance is changing cause she trying to swap places!

That said, whereas I ‘woke cause someone did something to me, she ‘wokes purely out of envy and spite, such as when I heard her say, “I wanna ‘woke her” regarding a lil hispanic girl for being into witchcraft and being a jealous white bitch.

Gooru look just like this as seen in an astral dream I had where seen a young Mexican who had got ‘woked to them as a sacrifice as shown to me by Santa Muerte:

Imma tell ya’ll how to ‘woke this bitch:

Imagination is key 🔑 Use chords using the power of your third eye and the strenght of your emotions and most of all, intent, and send shit into her.

You can also turn them as called in the astral plane “living furniture” (must do this to their Souls) where they get turned into statues as well as put them in spirit jars using the right symbols.

Cause they won’t stop.

The main points you wanna focus on is her medulla oblongata or in other words her brain stem in the back which houses her memories:

– You can use your PHYSICAL brain stem to regenerate your memories, pineao gland, consciousness etc. She’ll trick you into thinking you can’t by unloading entity attachment upon entity attachment to make you believe she did!

Snatch that!

Then her pineal gland, which houses her memories and most importantly, her memories:

– It’s in the back if your head, your neck.

Snatch that!

And, her consciousness and memories, which are at the top part of your head:

From what I understand the bitch – a nurse ironically – is schizo so her consciousness is weak. Snatch that up by imagining a chord or a hose extending from her head and suck that shit out!

You can also manipulate her astral dna and put commands in it so she can’t regenerate Soul pieces, teleport shit, same shit she be doing to me!

That said, this is a pure evil bitch. When I found out that she ‘woked lil Rosie, a young pretty white Youtuber, for being pretty, this bitch and the wetback she with who likes to use his spiritual power to control black women, David Reina, she gotta go! They gotta go!

And I got a feeling their son is gonna become something evil too.

That said, Imma tell you this hoe achilles heel: she hates remembering her being raped as an infant by her father and being shown sympathy which she takes as a sign of weakness.

Use what I taught and connect her ass to that memory. I had that bitch in a coma one time doing that.

But she gotta go 💀⚰

Let me tell ya why: this bitch plans on ‘wokeing or spiritually attacking alot of spiritually powerful people so she can add them as “batteries” by stealing their Soul pieces, whole Soul pieces in the astral then killing them.

Gooru David Reina loves creating complexed crown chakra entity attachmentd like this:

So that he can especially control strong black women.

This a dangerous bitch and should not be allowed to at the very least exist in this plane cause, as I and many others like poor Rosie, are experiencing, she don’t stop and will go after your loved ones.

‘Woke her!

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