DO NOT Bring Your Toxic Ass Relationship Insecurity Energies Around Me

DO NOT Bring Your Toxic Ass Relationship Insecurity Energies Around Me

I can sense they were fucking around (after seeing my vids)…..

They soooo quwetee ???

I can’t stand this…..


And esp. this right here…..

Here is their license plate number:  Amber03 it is spelled!

I had to ‘woke these two esp. the nigger cause they coming around with this energy of leering at me like I am a zoo animal (yes I can sense that motherfucker and will let you know) and think they can treat me like the trash they threw down on the ground – the trash they are with the nigger saying I look dirty while wanting to sexually lecherously leer at me (nah ah bitch we ain’t gonna have that around here) – simply cause of my socio economic status AND their social status insecurities which is not my fucking problem.

But I’ll be your fucking problem if you wanna come over here and start shit.

I ain’t referring to the nice lil couples that wanna come here to just enjoy the beach and have a nice time but I am referring to the assholes who deliberately park around me who think they are gonna make a pasttime out of “harassing the ‘crazy’ shirtless womban” and do shit that they know will push my buttons.

Every so often I get these weird ass toxic couples who will DELIBERATELY park next to me KNOWING I AM HERE and a jealous female getting out, kissing all over her man – as if I want him – and he returning the affection while looking in my direction and then giving me deliberate dirty looks when she is watching him….. KEEP ALL THAT SHIT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! ALL OF IT! I don’t want your toxic energy nor your toxic relationship the fuck around me. I am just out here living my life, being me and being free. I don’t want nor care for YOUR sexual hangups, YOUR sexual degeneracy (I had a couple from Las Vegas – I HATE that city and I hate the people in it because they have a stupid, goofy energy to them – parking behind me with his bitch taking pics sneakily – as if I won’t catch that – who I ran off), YOUR relationship follies, issues, problems. That is YOUR shit! Not mine!

I can name and break down into three categories the toxic relationship weirdos that come around: 1) The serial killer types with the co dependent needy bitches who need affirmations from their “manz” that they are still attractive while showing flagrant and insincere public displays of affection (they always gotta prove to themselves it seems that their relationship is real by seeking public validation – fucking weirdos) with the “manz” who is one of these womban hating chauvinist misogynist who is as codependent as his female partner and simultaneous feeds off her energy of codependency and insecurity by validating her toxic behaviours by returning that neediness and desire for love in unhealthy ways while – and this is why I bring up that they fall into the serial killer couple archetype….. Because these dudes are just as insecure as their female partner and love their codependent female partner being needy to feed their male ego – I sense with many of these fuckers hence why I attack them (rightfully so) and hate them – they impose or rather project this whore virgin/complex onto my being! For those of you not familiar with that term the whore/virgin complex is a mentality wherein a male feels that a woman who os in his mind a whore can not and should not be loved as she is not living up to the sexual sainthood that he feels all womben should live up too. Nevermind this low vibratory ass male feels that womben also need to fall into very gender based destructive stereotypes like “she gotta be needy or codependent” and “she gotta feel she need a man” as he defines us to be worthy of his affection and “protection.”

Now you got a mofo like me who is just living her life, minding her own business. I want no part of that construct. On top of that I am a feminist which is the opposite of misogynist and you get a gleaming picture why I react violently towards that kind of toxic couple!

Next – you got like what the mayate was (he can also fit the serial killer archetype as seen when he tried to dominate me by telling me not to film him – the #2 Snob Couple! They are the type who come around and leer at me like I am a zoo animal, like I am nothing while thumping their nose down on me because of my socio economic status, like when that nigger said “She look dirty” while saddling up to my van so he can leer at my being shirtless – I heard their conversation – they knew who I was.

That’s why I kept filming his ass to dominate him – niggers like that get on with non black women because they know black women will fight back (when I said that his head hung low).

I also hope they enjoyed the gift of my ‘woke ????‍♀️?? last night. I saw they “lost control of their wheel while driving” due to my entities…..

That being said that type reminds me of this pompous sick mofo here:

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

People like that run into people like me cause it is my spiritual job and duty to humble them, bring them down a few notches and remind them that material accoutrements doesn’t trump the spiritual. My ‘woke always has them bowing down to me. With my spiritual abilities I can easily take that shit away from you as I have done to so many others in the past….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

This one was funny…..

And this dude here was one of those – with his girl – felt like he can come around and sleaze on me as if I am a joke. My ‘woke ain’t a joke and now – he told me this – he is seeing shadow people (I ‘woke with the shadow realm) pulling him into portals late at night and got him where he paranoid and can’t sleep as can be seen here…….

One time while in a psychiatric centre – after I beat up that fruit vendor who sexually assaulted me (he no longer here ???‍♀️??) – I got falsely arrested by the sheriffs and was placed in a psyche hold. The doctor – who came off as a perv himself – kept saying “you can’t get vengeneance cause it is the law”. I told I am a witch. I put something in him and next thing we knew a psyche patient only attacked him and then he came to me, apologising and begging me to take off the curse. I said release me and next day I was released.

Don’t fuck with a witch esp. a God like me!

With that said, the snob types need to learn that their stupid ass fleeting, temporary material possessions don’t make them important and that there is always a GOD like me who will be there to bring their big ass heads back down to Earth shall they get out of line….

And then you have #3 The Swinger Couple perv types as I call them. I can’t stand their asses as they remind me of Las Vegas: goofy and ill educated, moronic and lacking in the heightened level of intuitive consciousness that is requisite for navigating this world. These types are an annoyance – because my consciousness and intelligence goes well beyond their infinitesimal comprehension I have to show them The God that I am via ‘wokeing them so as to wake them up to who they are dealing with = witch ??‍♀️ is why I call my brand of black magick ‘woke

That said don’t bring all your personal hangups, your problems – all that petty shit that is beneath me – around cause I WILL show you who the fuck you dealing with and as you can see by the myriad examples I provided above I ain’t the one you wanna play with.

Now enjoy the beach!

As assholes are still reeling in…..

Just today this leprechaun wetbuck 2 can sam looking tekashi 69 fucker decided to sit his leprechaun lil azz and talk shit about me while sneaking leering glances at me……

Nah ah! Keep that toxicity and that toxic ass energy AWAY FROM ME ?? That is not my problem! Your insecurities are NOT MY PROBLEM! Your sexual frustrations, hangups, relationship insecurities are NOT MY PROBLEM SO DO NOT BRING THAT SHIT AROUND ME!

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