Today Is The Start of A New Golden Age In Happiness For Me

Today Is The Start of A New Golden Age In Happiness For Me

It was a beautyfull day ?


When your Soul is solidified, no demons, reptilians, evil shit can penetrate you:



– Can’t get that energy……

I had a bitch roll up – I saw what was controlling her, what her soul was, a real deceptive bitch – and try to take my joy and I will drop that article tomorrow!

Looka this synchronicity:


Look at the colours bursting forth from this sun ray ?

Look up tetrachromacy! Look at all the colors we usually don’t see in the light spectrum conventionally allotted to most people. Those with tetrachromacy got more light cones (4 whereas most have 3) so thus can see “astral colours” that are outside our range of sight and can allow you to see into the “spirit realm!” It is how folks can see ghosts, etc. I recall a new Outer Limits episode called the New Breed in which music altered folks dna and allowed them to be able to handle the new sun’s rays!

This is not the old yellow sun I grew up with! The shift was made in 1997! I remember! The light pouring forth along with the black scrying mirrors with quartz crystals called CELLphones (used to be called CELLULAR phones cause they hit you on a cellular level) is allowing us to shift and heighten our psychic abilities….

Demons And Smart Phones

I am so happy to be finally on the road to healing and almost out that wheel of Samsara shit.

Looka what I used to do when I was bound ??‍♀️


You can see light in my eyes ?

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